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Another music-heavy list this week. Including the promised articles about the 40th anniversary of Born To Run.

Rolling Stone shared the full transcript of an interview they did with Springsteen 10 years ago for the 30th anniversary of BTR. Of course, the mythology of the album is that his career may have been over had it not been a success. I think my biggest admiration for the album is how rather than playing it safe while operating under that kind of pressure, he completely went for it, making the biggest, boldest album he could imagine.

Bruce Springsteen on Making ‘Born to Run’: ‘We Went to Extremes’

At Stereogum, Ryan Leas offered this longer rumination on the significance of the album.

The Streets Of A Runaway American Dream: Born To Run 40 Years Later

And finally, no one could have written better or more poignantly about BTR than Joe Posnanski, arguably the man responsible for the impression that all baseball-focused writers are enamored with Springsteen. He took his essay in a direction I did not expect, making it even more wonderful.

Born to Run

OK, how about another icon from more than two decades ago? Duran Duran has a new album due out in two weeks. You can listen to about half of it on Apple Music right now. Steven Hyden has offered some positive advance praise for it. This article is the result of his recent sit-down with the remaining members of the band.

The Reflex

Greg Renoff has a detailed biography of Van Halen coming out in October. Vulture published an excerpt that goes back to when the band was playing backyard shows in Pasadena.

It’s Van Halen vs. the Cops in This Excerpt From a Book on the Band’s Wild Early Days

(An update added after this was initially posted.)

Touching on a subject I hit last week, Steven Hyden dropped a piece this morning about Ryan Adams’ just-completed cover of Taylor Swift’s 1989. It’s a pretty solid – yet quick – look at Adams’ career and how he’s reached the position he’s in today.

Waiting Semi-Patiently for Ryan Adams’s Album-Length Cover of Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’

Switching to movies, I watched Real Genius over the weekend. It’s probably been 15 years or so since I had watched it. It did not disappoint. Everything about it remains fantastic.

Here’s an essay by Phyllis Rostykus who was one of the inspirations for Jordan, the most notable female character in the movie.

The Real Real Genius

Charles P. Pierce on the mess surrounding Baylor football at the moment. If you’re a coach of any sport at Baylor, isn’t your biggest priority, when dealing with off-the-field issues, making sure you are honest and transparent with the public? The last thing you should be doing is covering something up or pleading ignorance. Thank goodness Ken Starr is on the case! I’m sure he’ll get to the bottom of things quickly!

Something Rotten in Texas: Baylor, Art Briles, and Sam Ukwuachu

And finally, you probably are not in danger of becoming dangerously dehydrated if you’re going about your normal, daily business and only drink a couple glasses of water per day.

No, You Do Not Have to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day