One quick note, before I unload some pile-up that’s in my head. If any of you use AOL’s Instant Messenger, I now have a screen name: DDBinIndy. Shoot me a message sometime if you’re online. Things on my mind: In addition to being all whacked out about time here, I think there’s some kind of […]


I’ve finally had a chance to sit down and compile the details of our honeymoon last week. My reward for spending a week in St. Lucia was hopping on a plane to Phoenix followed by a 2 ½ hour drive to Prescott, Arizona on Monday. A quick meeting with a client Tuesday morning, followed by […]

Da Mayor

The whole point of Weblogs (for those new to the concept) is to give people forums for instantly commenting on events. There are political blogs, where professional and amateur writers comment on events as they happen, often updating throughout the day. There are blogs that are used as diaries by regular people. If I see […]

Local Color

I’ve got some good local color to share, but it will have to wait for now (One story so rich, so perfect, so needing being told, that I’m frankly disturbed that I have yet to publish my thoughts on it). Allow me to slip on my sports writing hat and talk about the Williams sisters […]

Living In Indy

Some early things I’ve noticed while living in spacious Carmel, IN. People are crazy friendly here. I’m sure there are rude people somewhere, but I’ve yet to run across one. Of course, after the a-holes at the moving and cable companies we had to deal with in our first week of residence, pretty much anyone […]