Of Books And Wedding Dresses

Putting some assorted thoughts down while watching Keith Olbermann’s Countdown Wednesday night. The #5 story was about a backlash against the wildly popular novel The DaVinci Code. I don’t know much about the book, other than I may be the only person to fly American Airlines in the past year who hasn’t read it. Anyway, […]

April Rules

The perfect adult weekend: ideal weather (sunny, highs in the low 80s, just a hint of humidity but not enough to make it truly sticky), an entire day in the yard, another day spent out on the back deck listening to baseball, and the wife has been in Florida the whole time. Wait, that last […]


I bought my first outfit for my daughter last night. I got her a Safari themed bodysuit from Baby Gap. Lions, crocs, elephants, monkeys. How will she not be happy wearing this? In a nursery update, we made the final major additions to her room this week. We had a chair rail put around the […]

Happy Monday

There’s nothing like logging in on a Monday morning and finding out someone has been trying to get you to take their place, without your knowledge, at a meeting that would require you to book and get on a place Monday night. Sometimes people are just far too generous. As if ripped from the comments […]

Pregnant Conversations – American Idol

Scene: Interior, couple sitting on couch drinking coffee in the morning. Wife: How did you sleep? Husband: Pretty good, you? Wife: Good, Little Girlfriend had to wake up early and play, though. Husband (Leaning over and speaking to wife’s stomach): Your daddy doesn’t like to wake up in the morning. We can work on that […]

Baseball, Birds, And Barbecue

If you’re not listening to the Royals-White Sox game today, you should be. Ryan Lefebvre is really on a roll. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that the Royals lead the American League in home runs. I was perusing the roster of Your Indianapolis Indians and saw that former Royal Dan Reichert is on the staff. It’ll be […]

The Heartbreak Of…

Heartburn. Or reflux I guess. I’ve got something going on with my stomach that I don’t like. For about a month, shortly after I eat, I’ve been getting these waves of mild nausea. The kind where you think you’re going to throw up in, say, five minutes, but you never get all the way there. […]

Even More Pregnant Conversations

I’m in the process of uploading my pictures from the weekend in KC. I’ll share them here later today. To tide you over, a conversation overheard last night between a pregnant couple. (Not your typical prego couple conversation, but worth sharing anyway.) (Scene: Interior, pregnant couple sits on a couch watching the Nick & Jessica […]

More Conversations Of A Pregnant Couple

(Scene: Interior, wife is getting dressed for work, holding top under her chin so she can look at her 23 week stomach in the mirror. Husband enters room, laughs.) Wife: Shit! Husband: What? Wife: Look how big it’s getting! (Husband places hand on stomach.) It’s like a basketball. Husband: Can we paint lines on it?

Catching Up, Part Two

More catching up thoughts, including the occasional comment added during Monday’s game. Portland is by far my favorite place to visit for work. It’s a tremendous city, full of gorgeous views, brewpubs, a college town vibe, clients I actually enjoy visiting, and most importantly, a group of people I know from previous lives that I […]