Olympic Wrap Up, Part Two

The US team beat this year’s goal of 100 medals but there was still room for concern. Some medals that should have been locks were either missed or not the preferred color. The first week of the competition, NBC had a poll question on what you want most from the US team. The most medals, […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

Remember how I was lamenting the fact our child wouldn’t fall asleep at night? Well, we’ve certainly got that problem solved. The girl slept something like 12 of 15 hours between late evening last night and late morning today. It was brilliant. The downside is the kid refuses to go down from early afternoon through […]

Olympic Wrap Up, Part One

Another Olympiad has come to an end, meaning I no longer have 19 hours of guaranteed watchable TV each day. It’s also a time to reflect on what happened over the past two weeks, and what needs to be changed for the future. This is part one, part two will be posted manana. To the […]

Random Olympic Notes

Forget beach volleyball, all the men out there should have been watching women’s field hockey for the last two weeks. I watched the second half of the gold medal match between Germany and the Netherlands last night and was very impressed by the Dutch team. Then again, went aren’t Dutch women impressive? Less skin than […]

Olympic Pet Peeve

If nothing else comes out of the US men’s basketball team’s loss to Argentina on Friday, at least we can hope that NBC and all the other media lemmings will drop the label Dream Team from future US national teams. I know David Stern makes calls to them before each tournament reminding them to use […]

The Crying Game

Last night, after four or five straight nights of good sleep and what appeared to be a nighttime routine, we decided to let M. cry. If you’re not a parent, you don’t understand all the conflicting advice out there about how to handle a crying newborn. Some people say you should comfort them immediately until […]

This Is How We Do It!

Baby in bed: 11:00 PM (In her own bed too, not in the Pack ‘n Play) Mom and Dad in bed shortly after First feeding: 3:30 AM Second feeding: 6:30 AM Baby wakes up: 9:45 AM I’ve just jinxed it by sharing, I’m sure, but this was the best night since M’s first week.

Memo To Paul Hamm

Props to Stace and Dale for sending out the link to the SI blog. It seems our occasional French correspondent, Madam LeRiche, has beat me to something I was working on. I had crafted a lengthy announcement Paul Hamm should make each time he%92s asked about the scoring controversy. It was closely worded to Jeff%92s, […]

Oh Poop (Babies And Olympics)

For starters, your weekly baby poop story. M. had an epic blast Monday night. She had been backed up for about 12 hours, to the point where she was even spitting up a little bit after eating, which she’s never done before (our theory being she was too full to digest anything). We took her for […]