A Couple Interesting Things

First, we don’t have Ken Jennings to kick around anymore. He clearly threw it on Jeopardy. He acted like a thief or a philanderer who has been getting away with his crimes for too long. He seemed uninterested. Downright reckless on the Daily Doubles. I think he was just ready to sign his book/movie deal […]


Just returned from M’s four month check-up. She continues to allay any fears that the occasional bottle she ignores is somehow affecting her growth. She checked in at 15 lbs, 12 oz. She was 12.2 at the two month visit. She has grown up a little, 24″ as opposed to 22″ eight weeks ago. She’s now […]

Bad Habits

I hate it when Blogger decides to jack with a couple characters in an HTML line and thus screws up a post. I just noticed yesterday morning that the link I attempted to share last Wednesday was corrupted while posting and thus none of you could use it. My apologies. At times when I use […]

Mmmm Basketball

A basketball lover’s Thanksgiving tonight: 6:00 PM – Snack: Indiana vs. Indiana State. IU has a lot of young talent. The question is will Mike Davis screw them up or will the Hoosiers be better than they were a year ago? (Please note, I just think Davis is a bad coach. I’m not one of […]

More Randomness

ABC didn’t exactly take my advise last night, but there was a subtle shot at the haters in the MNF lead-in. When I’m watching CBS, I see ads for The Amazing Race with the show hyped as “The Emmy Award winner for Best Reality Series”. I’ve watched the show a few times, and like the […]

Another Prediction And Assorted Items

16 days to the GRE. I feel like the more I study my math review books, the less I understand. For the last hour I’ve been looking at a series of word problems and have had no idea how to set them up, let alone solve them. These next two weeks of studying will not […]

Suggestion – Prediction

Saturday was Brawl Day in Indy. Almost every local newscast was devoted entirely to recapping and replaying Friday night’s brawl between the Pacers and Pistons. A day later, I still don’t know what to say about the event as a whole. So I’ll just move on and offer these suggestions/predictions to the NBA before they […]


I sweat my way through the KU-Vermont game, which was entirely too close, then switch over to watch the end of the Pacers-Pistons game. The Pacers had the game well in hand, so I was playing with M. who was in an excellent mood after watching her first ever Jayhawk basketball game. Then I hear all […]

Ron Artest Is Crazy

I gotta share some thoughts on Ron Artest. A quick recap for those who missed last week’s antics: Ron sat out the Minnesota and Clipper games because of a “situation that challenged the integrity of the team” according to Coach Rick Carlisle. Said situation was later identified as Ron asking for up to a month […]

It’s Here

Stealing from the NBA, Happy Basketball New Year! The pro season is three weeks old, college hoops started playing for real earlier this week, and my Kansas Jayhawks take the court for the first time tonight. ESPN Full Court has been purchased. Popcorn is only 11 hours from being popped. I’m contemplating what shirt to […]