2004 Reading List

I’m not a big New Year’s Resolution guy, but I do normally write down a few goals for the coming year. One of my entries this time last year was to read 24-30 books in 2004. I passed the lower end of that threshold in May and was sitting at 36 books the day M. was […]

The Year In Music

Another pretty good year is about to go into the books. This time last year, we were hiding the fact that S. was pregnant until we had sonogram #1 and were sure all was well. We spent our New Year’s trip to a cabin in southern Indiana swapping my empty beer bottles for hers under […]


My “official” GRE scores arrived today. I got the highest score possible on my essays, which I thought I totally fucked up the day of the test. A huge relief, as that makes me feel better about my verbal score. I ended up in the 93rd percentile for verbal, 64th for math, and 97th for […]


I hope all of you had a fine holiday. It was a good Christmas in the home of ye olde blogger. From the wife, I received a sweater and zip sweatshirt from J Crew, an iTunes gift card (sadly the only thing I got from the Apple Store), and book six of Stephen King’s Dark […]

Classic Christmas Gifts

My golden age of Christmas gifts ran from roughly age 8 to 13. After that, I really didn’t ask for any big ticket items anymore, since I knew my parents weren’t buying me a car, and my list was dominated by clothes, books, and such. Those pre- and early teen years, though, were filled with […]

All I Want For Christmas Is A…

…snow-blower. The great Christmas storm of aught-four has yet to reach our neighborhood. Unless you have to be out driving in it, it’s frustrating to be sitting on the couch, watching inches of snow pile up just a few miles south of your house on TV while nary a flake falls at your home. We’re […]


So much for burning candles for Wayne Simien’s hand. 4-6 weeks on the shelf. Not crippling to post-season hopes, nor Big 12 title dreams. Realistically, if he comes back for the Texas-Missouri weekend, KU should be 4-1 in the Big 12 which isn’t a bad place to be. What does blow is at best we […]

Two New Pet Peeves

1) People who don’t pull forward at red lights. I got stuck in traffic one night last week when I had to go out during the evening rush hour. A trip that normally takes five minutes took over 20 thanks to the normal traffic and added traffic from a nearby mall. At one stop light, […]

Holiday Weekend Kickoff

I would imagine some of my regular readers will begin disappearing in the next few days for shopping and traveling in preparation for the holidays. Other more occasional visitors may stop in more often thanks to the free time the holidays provide. Happy holidays to all. The big news in Indy today is the new […]

Observations From The TV

Things seen on TV last night. 1 – A Charlie Brown Christmas. M. cried, keeping up a tradition her dad started many years ago. I was a sensitive little lad, and the overwhelming negativity of Peanuts animated specials were always too much for me to take. Whether it was the ridicule of Linus while he waited […]