Six Month Checkup

I stayed home, as I had a relapse of my cold last night, but the numbers for M’s doctor visit were: 18 pounds, 8 ounces. 90th percentile. Head size was 90th percentile. Look at the big brain on M! 25 inches and change, 25th percentile. I still don’t trust the height measurement. She really feels like […]

D’s Dirty Dozen

Crazy week, with half of last week’s dozen picking up losses. Complicating matters, some of those same teams had notable wins to balance the losses. Thank goodness I know what I’m doing and can make sense of all of this for you. 12) Michigan State. Will cracking my poll jinx them for their battle with […]

Big 12 Notes (Mostly Kansas-Texas)

An afternoon with the daughter, a remote, and ESPN FullCourt. Good things can happen on a day like this. Unfortunately, I was working on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep so I napped throughout the day Saturday. I tried to watch the Nebraska-Texas Tech game. Damn near put me into a coma, though. Why will […]

Rolling Over

I try to keep these updates high on the descriptive and low on the boastful. However, I must tell you, my daughter is the most delightful baby the world has ever seen. I say that despite the fact we’re in full teething mode and we’re battling fits of tears and anger with Motrin and Little […]

Of Pigskins And Whatnot

Some tidbits from the weekend: I’m not sure what that was that went on in the KU-Villanova game. I do know this: that game will be looked back at as the turning point for this KU team. They’re either going to take it as a wake-up call, start performing more consistently and get past whatever […]

D’s Dirty Dozen

A lot happened in the two weeks since my last update. Hopefully I’m keeping everything straight. 12) Arizona. Little known fact: I’ve always kind of been in love with Arizona, going back to 1988 when they were in the Final Four in Kansas City. Us kids from the plains always pine for the girls who […]

The Funniest Thing My Daughter Has Ever Done

I’m working on my vacation wrap-up, but that probably won’t get posted until tomorrow. However, there is this one M. story that demands immediate sharing. As I have mentioned in the past, she’s really into Hide and Go Seek with us. It starts just saying “Boo!” and tickling her, and eventually one of us is […]

Big Plans

It’s going to be a busy weekend in La Casa de Blogger. Tomorrow, M. gets baptized for starters. All you anti-Papists out there can make your derisive comments now. Be sure to share them with my wife next time you see her. Sunday morning, S. and I depart for our first extended time away from the baby. […]

A Couple Big 12 Notes

I tend to automatically subtract a week from all estimates of time injured players will miss. Schools tend to be conservative with estimates, and kids heal fast. Still, I was surprised Wayne Simien played 37 minutes last night. Probably more just it was Wayne and he has a history, more than anything else, and I […]

Your Baby Blog Update

What, no updates on the developments and tricks of M. in almost a month? I’ve got some serious catching up to do! Here goes. Right before Christmas, she discovered the volume button on her voice. It was fun to listen to her yell at various volumes around the house just because she could. A little […]