We Have Teeth

M’s first two teeth pushed their way through her tender little gums this weekend. She’s a bit shy about showing them off, and they’re just barely visible, so it will probably be a couple more weeks before they’re photographable. She had managed to chomp both her mom and me a couple times, though. Sadly, she remains […]

Finn Brothers, Indianapolis, Feb. 22, 2005

Here are my impressions. It was a truly excellent concert. We wormed our way as close to the stage as possible, and had just two people and five feet of stage between us and Neil Finn. Probably the closest I’ve ever been outside some of those tiny bars and coffee houses I’ve seen bands perform […]


We watched Ray tonight, which I think means I saw one movie nominated for this year’s Oscars. Anchorman didn’t get any nominations, right? I liked Ray, I just thought it was oddly done. It was far too broad, and thus left me unsure of what to think of Ray. Was he a bad guy who […]

Genetic Link

This week was the anniversary of my mom’s death. I don’t say that to bum you out or earn sympathy from anyone. Just to point out she’s been on my mind a little more than usual the past couple days. My mom was one of those people who always had 20 things going on at […]

An Epiphany (Of Sorts)

Long-time readers and friends know that I’m a gigantic sports fan and a competition freak, both of which combine with a sometimes frightening intensity in my extreme devotion to the basketball team of my alma mater, the University of Kansas. I’ve been extraordinarily lucky to have been born into a fandom that has provided many […]

Essential Finn

My promised summary of some of my favorite Finn Brothers music.  I’m always a little surprised that I’ve become such a big  fan of Neil and Tim’s work over the years.  I’m generally not into the singer-songwriter thing very much, even when it leans to the alterna-pop side of the spectrum.  I guess I was […]

Where Did All These Kids Come From?

We’re hosting S’s best friend and her two-month old son this week. Tonight, we had people from their high school group of friends over so they could all see the little guy for the first time. Including infants, we had 11 kids in the house. I’m really not sure why I bothered to clean this afternoon. […]

Internet Prayers Answered

Remind me to use the blog to wish for KU wins in March. After my post last night, not only did M. make it through the night with me only having to go put her binky back into her mouth two times, but she also slept (and thus so did I) until S. walked into the house […]

Teething Sucks

Man, I had to deal with full-on screaming tonight. M. has cried hysterically, shrieked, yelled exceptionally loud, and I probably even characterized some of her outbursts as screaming in the past. But tonight, there’s no doubt it was a scream. She literally stopped crying so she could scream for five minutes, then started crying again. […]

Random Bits And Pieces

Why is Liza Minelli always on TV? I did some checking, and while she won an Oscar and is the daughter of famous people, it’s not like she’s done much to generate all the media attention she gets. There are some people that older generations are gaga about, and while people our age may belittle […]