Terri Schiavo has finally found peace. I’ve not written about her situation for many reasons. I don’t object to nearly every blogger needing to state their views. I don’t understand, though, how anyone outside the family can form a complete opinion since all the information those of us in the general public possess is third-party […]

Twins? No Thanks

We survived our little baby sitting experiment. Sorta. I went to bed around 12:20 last night (or this morning, I guess) and found guest baby sleeping on S.. As I shared yesterday, he’s got some health issues and had woken screaming and trying to breath, so she just brought him to our bed and held […]


We hosted our first big Easter dinner today. Nine people were seated around our tables for an early afternoon meal. We dropped the obligatory honey ham on them, two quiches, pasta salad, deviled eggs, two fruit plates, and a lemon cake for dessert. For some strange reason, I decided I needed a nap at around […]

Easily Amused

We’ve been trying to wean M. off the generic, hospital-issued pacifiers for a couple weeks. We’re hoping to get her to use a store-bought binky that has a strap that attaches to her clothes so she can’t lose it. She hasn’t seemed all that interested in the new model, and after a few minutes we inevitably […]

Pisser – Kansas Loses

Appropriately Wayne Simien’s shot to win the game fell short at exactly the stroke of midnight here in Indianapolis. In years past, I would spend the next five or six hours laying on the floor without movement. I mean, Bucknell in the first round? OK, I might have been preparing to leap from a tall […]

How To Get Your Baby To Nap

Having trouble getting a baby to nap during the day? First, wear them out by letting them play for 60-90 minutes. Then, put them in your lap and play Beatles music, singing along softly. After about 15 minutes, cue up “Hey Jude.” Guaranteed, but the extended fade-out, your child will be nodding off. I’ve always been […]

Baby Update

Time for an update on the doings of Baby M. As documented over the past couple weeks, she now has two tiny teeth peeking through her lower gums. She likes to scrape them on things. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Her sleeping patterns have normalized slightly since the teeth popped […]

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

There are a few developments in the world of on-line music that have got me all geeked up of late. I mentioned in my year-end post the glory of the MP3 blog. Thanks to people who are much hipper and better connected than I can ever hope to be, I’ve managed to develop some idea […]

How’d That Epiphany Thing Go?

I’ve not shared how my week-long vacation from college basketball went.  I indeed managed to avoid almost all college basketball coverage for a full seven days.  I didn’t watch games, read about them in the paper, or follow columnists online.  Tuesday morning at about 10:00, I checked the Kansas-Oklahoma score but did not read any […]