M’s Stats

M’s nine-month check up was Monday. She measured in as follows: 20 lbs., 6 ounces, 75th percentile 26.5 inches, 25th percentile 90th percentile on head size Still need to get the girl to lengthen out.  The pediatrician I share a mortgage with tells me you can estimate a person’s adult height by doubling their height when […]

Hail Storm

Friday afternoon was a little intense. One of S’s med school friends was in town and he stopped by with his girlfriend, who is originally from Nebraska. They were preparing to leave around 5:00 and as we opened the door to let them out, pea-sized hail starts falling. They decided to wait out the hail, so […]

The Geeks Are Coming!

Or maybe in this case, it should be nerds, since I proudly call myself a geek at times. Anyway, Celebration III, the George Lucas-backed Star Wars convention, is in town. 25,000 nerds, most dressed as their favorite Star Wars character, have descended on downtown Indianapolis. Never have I been so proud to live in the […]

What Am I Up To?

Things will continue to be a little slower than usual here for the next couple weeks.  I’m working diligently on my final project for school, and expect the next week to be extremely busy for that alone.  Immediately after I submit my project, I’ll start working on my formal application for graduate school, so I’m […]

Big Weekend For M

Friday: Tooth number 3 pushed its way through the gums. She also ate her first ever macaroni and cheese while her parents ate at a local barbecue joint, then some ice cream with dessert. Saturday: First time in a real swing. There’s a cool little park close to our house called Carmelot (get it Carmel […]

Fun With Kids

My wife called one of her coworkers this morning. The phone was picked up by a boy that’s not quite three years old. “Hi, what’s your name?” “S., is this Mitchell?” “Hi, I miss you!” “I miss you too.” “I’m playing my Nemo game, can you come over and play it with me?” “Not today […]

It’s Good To Be A Baby

Kids have it made. Examples: today, we took M. to the library and then to a baby clothes store. She got carried around by her parents the entire time. Sales ladies flirted with her. When we got home, she got to sit in her exersaucer, eat, and poop all at the same time. After a […]

Rough Weekend

I slept what seemed to be about 90% of the weekend. That may sound like great fun to many of you, but this wasn’t leisurely, comfortable sleep. This was sleep because my body couldn’t stay awake. There were many factors that could have caused this: 1) M. continued to teeth last week, with the added […]

Uh Oh

My alma mater jumping the Nike ship for Adidas, errr, adidas? How does this affect the lifetime contract I signed with Nike when I was seven? Would Nike not adhere to the new blue rules at KU? Is it just a crazy coincidence that a few weeks ago I actually tried on a few pairs […]