It totally freaked me out this morning when M. came walking around the corner on her own.

First Steps

Being married to a pediatrician, I’ve learned that developmental milestones for infants/toddlers are very fluid. For every kid that does something right on schedule, there are two who do it early and two that do it late. Despite my knowledge of this, it has still been a little disappointing that M. hadn’t started walking yet. […]

Morning Walks

We’ve been trying to take M. for long walks in the morning. It started one morning when she got up at 5:00 AM, took a nap from 7:30 until 9:00 and I was faced with a long, hot day in the house with little to do. I put her in the stroller and took off […]

Dumb – An NCAA Opinion

I’ve got some thoughts on the NCAA’s ban on schools using Native American mascots in post-season events. In a word, dumb. Not because I don’t think Native American mascots are offensive, or at least, inappropriate, because I do. But the NCAA’s ruling makes little sense. Basically, it’s wildly inconsistent and unenforceable. What college sports get, […]

Thank You

…to all who posted comments or sent me e-mails after my big news on Tuesday. I’ve been very excited about this turn of events, so have had some trouble focusing on the things that get me through the day like reading, writing, and eating. I’m starting to feel normal again, though. Of course, when I […]

Being Bobby

I’ve been watching afternoon episodes of Being Bobby Brown the last couple of weeks. We assumed it for the last decade, but Bobby and Whitney are officially insane, aren’t they? You don’t act like that on national TV if that’s not who you really are, right? When the cameras turn off, they don’t magically transform […]

That Is A Big Head

I just realized the error of the stats I shared with you earlier this week.  M’s head is 48 centimeters around, not 48 inches.  I’m sure some of you caught and laughed at my error.  It’s still a big head, but it’s not four feet around.  S. thought my error was very funny.

Baby Update

M. had her 12 month check-up today.  27 3/4″, 10-25th percentile.  22 lbs, 12 oz., 75th percentile.  Head circumference, 48″, 95th percentile!  To quote our pediatrician, “Do big heads run in either of your families?”