15 Month Check Up

M. went in for her 15 month check-up today. No real changes, but here are the numbers. 24 lbs, 6 oz. Still 75th percentile. 29 3/4 inches. Still 25th percentile. Head circumference 49 centimeters, still 95th percentile. Of course, she’s in the 99th percentile with the hair. A smooth, regular rate of growth on her little […]

PDX Trip

Ahh Portland. Fair city of books, beer, NPR listeners, and misty days. I’ve had the good fortune to travel there many times in the last few years. This weekend was the first time S. was able to tag along with me, along with M. who got to meet her god-parents. Some highlights below the jump. […]

Vacation Over

Allow me to state, for maybe the millionth time in my life, that vacations don’t last nearly long enough. We arrived home safe, happy, yet tired this afternoon from our trip to Portland. M. travelled phenomenally well. Almost good enough to trick us into taking her on another long plane trip, until we remembered our next […]


It was 30 years ago tonight that Carlton Fisk knocked a pitch off the left field foul pole at Fenway Park, ending one of the greatest baseball games ever played. Shockingly enough, ESPN Classic has devoted most of its daytime programming to the event. First, they aired the game in a slightly condensed version (“We’re […]

Holy Albert

I was drafting a post about how it was a tough night for my many St. Louis friends when I got a strange feeling. The Colts had just extended their lead over the Rams to 11 points. I closed the draft, set the PowerBook aside, and flipped the picture-in-picture so I could focus on Albert […]

M’s First Hoop

During the third quarter of the USC-Notre Dame game Saturday (PHEEEENOMENAL game, it should go without saying. It provoked massive use of picture-in-picture, a blister on my remote thumb, and my biggest yell for a college football game my alma mater wasn’t involved in since Kordell went deep against Michigan in 1994) it was time […]


We went to our local<a href=”http://www.carters.com/”>Carter’s store Friday to buy M. some cold weather pajamas. It seems the days of her sleeping in just her diaper and a t-shirt are over, at least until next spring. There’s a little play area for kids to occupy themselves while parents shop, so M. and I hit that […]


I’ve never been big on wearing sports jerseys. But the unveiling of the new Pacers gear last week got me thinking, for a moment, about purchasing one. I was thinking more of something in M’s size but still, I was in that ballpark. Even when the Cowboys were at their height in the early 90s, I […]