Happy Thanksgiving

It was a strange day for us, so I didn’t have time to get a pre-Thanksgiving message out for most to see. Our power went off for two hours this morning, so M. and I sat around watching the snow fall until S. got home, then we headed out to get breakfast. When we got home, the […]

Strangeness Is…

Leaving a restaurant after having dinner on November 16 to the sounds of tornado sirens blaring. Odder still is the temperature dropping from the mid-60s to a wind-chill of 18 over the course of 10 hours. All of Indianapolis will have a hacking cough within three days.

M’s First Post

I turned M. loose on the keyboard over the weekend. Below are the results, as recorded in TextEdit. What I enjoy most is she somehow found the right key combo to get into my clipboard memory and find bits of something I posted in the comments section of an NBA blog regarding a recent Pacers-Heat […]

Dead Raccoon

Always interesting what we find in our backyard after a big storm. Normally, lots of small branches and limbs, with the occasional large limb down. All part of the joys of living on a wooded lot. Today, I was out back blowing all the leaves that came down back into the woods. I reached the […]

Now I Can Die In Peace

Kansas 40 Nebraska 15 I said it wouldn’t happen in my lifetime, only semi-facetiously. I saw a 17-point lead turn into a 59-23 loss. I saw a coach take the guy who had been running all over the vaunted Nebraska defense the entire day off the field when attempting a two-point conversion that would have […]

What A Day

Yesterday morning, M. woke up at 5:00. Yuck. I went in and got her untangled from her blanket, found her binky, and tried to make her comfortable. I went back to bed, but could never go back to sleep. S. got up around 6:30 to prepare for work. I got up shortly after to get […]

My Little Writer

M. spent the morning at her grandparents’ house today. When I arrived to pick her up, she was just waking from a nap. After a few minutes cuddling with Grammy to shake the cobwebs, she hopped down onto the floor, started grunting and pointing around the corner, and then took off towards my father-in-law’s office. “You’ve […]

M. Update

I had put this list of M.’s latest tricks and treats together over the weekend, expecting to post it Monday. I haven’t edited for dating, so if anything is odd about tenses etc, my apologies. One addition, we were at the grocery store Tuesday and put her on the mechanical horse for the first time. […]

Keeping Up With The Jens

In recent weeks, I’ve been eating a lot of meals on my own. Changing a lot of diapers by myself. Spending a lot of evenings alone in the basement with the TV on, the laptop open, or a book in my lap. Read after the jump to find out the cause for all these oddities. […]