Toddler Times

The long-delayed M. update is below the jump, complete with 18 month stats. M. had her 18 month check-up this morning. I was at class, but heard that for the first time ever, she protested her shots. In the past, she cried for 15-30 seconds, then was back to normal. Apparently there was a mini-meltdown […]

Gestational Update

A lengthy M. update is coming after her 18-month check-up Monday. To tide you over, a quick update on how the Little Sister is developing in S.’s belly. Well, that’s overstating things slightly, as I can’t really speak to her development. I can vouch for the fact that momma’s belly pops out faster on the […]

All Growns Up

What did my wife get for her 34th birthday?  A Toyota Sienna.  Our minivan, which wasn’t supposed to arrive for 2-3 weeks was miraculously delivered to the dealer today.  We went in this evening, waded through the paperwork and the last few moments of sales-speak, and drove home in our lovely new vehicle.  Any coolness […]

Back To Class

Today was my first day of class for the spring semester at Bloomington. It was a lovely, typically Indiana winter day: cold, breezy, nothing but grey in the skies. I spent 45 minutes looking for a parking place (I was trying to avoid getting a campus parking pass by taking the chance of finding a […]

Alarm Clock Roulette

We have just one nightstand, and it’s on S’s side of the bed.  Thus, our alarm clock is on that side, too.  With my horrible eye sight, even if I squint, I can’t see what time it is the moment I remove my contacts/glasses.  That makes for an interesting game this time of year, when the […]