Typical Night

Tuesdays at 9:00 are channel flipping time in our house. I generally run the remote, so we spend most of the following hour watching Scrubs on NBC. Is it just me, or since they started airing the new episodes in back-to-back fashion, isn’t the first episode always much funnier than the second? Anyway, during commercials […]

Wish List

Saturday, as I was waiting for the Mrs. to get ready so we could make a trip to the mall, I sat down and spent 20 thoroughly enjoyable minutes watching the classic 80s flick “Wargames.” Matthew Broderick. Ally Sheedy. A talking computer. Global Thermonuclear War. You know how it goes. Anyway, it gave me a […]

Fight The Good Fight

Corporate radio sucks. We all know that, whether we give in and listen to it or whether we refuse to subject our ears to playlists created through marketing and payola. I’ve sung their praises of <a href=”http://www.woxy.com/”>woxy.com</a> many times, and I know a few of you have checked out their programming. There is no better […]

Olympic Praise

OK, I found another thing I like about the Olympics. I love how the support teams for male skiers yell at them before they start each race. “Come on Daron! Let’s go buddy! Come on D! Let’s go D. Rahlves!” Makes me laugh every time.

My Little Immitator

M. has reached the point where she’s beginning to mimic all the things S. and I do. We better start watching our language! Over the weekend, we got dinner at a noodle place. While M. was working on her spirals and cheese, I was woofing down some spicy pasta. As I spun my fork to […]

Winter Olympics

I’ve decided the Winter Olympics kind of suck. Not the events themselves, but the coverage we’re getting here in the States. I realize by making that statement I’m offering the most obvious and repeated opinion possible, but it’s true. The fundamental problem with the Winter Olympics are that there are so many fewer events than […]

I Lied

I watched almost no Olympic coverage this weekend and I didn’t pull my thoughts on Quin Snyder’s resignation into a reasonable scope. Hope to work on those a little Monday night, when I’ve got a basketball game to watch. The weekend was passed putting some serious time into my readings for the coming week, thinking […]

Funky Friday

The last 48 hours have more-or-less been total wastes for me. I’ve got some things done in the evenings, but days have been totally shot. This is the one week of the month that S. works regular people hours (8-4 the last three days) so I was home alone with M. on Thursday and Friday. […]

She Knows What She Wants

Monday night, 1:00 AM. I’ve been tossing and turning for close to two hours. M.┬ástarts crying. I let her go for a couple minutes to make sure she isn’t going to put herself back to sleep. When I finally go to her room, as soon as I walk through the door, she rolls over, stops […]

Binky Be Gone

We’ve taken all we can take and we can’t take anymore. Wednesday we started to wean M. off of her binky. The binky is now reserved for her crib and for car trips. As soon as she gets up in the morning or from a nap, we drop it into the crib, say bye-bye, give […]