Life With Two

Many visitors, surprising amounts of sleep, and schoolwork have kept me from finally getting a summary of what’s been going on posted. Below the jump, your first update on what life with two kids has been like in the home of the blogger. It’s still a little hard for me to believe that the wife […]


I have no idea how much sleep I got last night. C. was actually quite cooperative, but there’s something about those hospital, pull-out couches that keep you from falling asleep comfortably. Of course, I didn’t have a big incision in my stomach that required at least five different kinds of pain meds to mask, so […]

Baby C

Baby C. Seven pounds, nine ounces, 20 inches long. Mom, dad, and big sister M. are all healthy and very happy to welcome our newest addition.

Final Hours

Here we are, 26 hours from a scheduled c-section and it looks like we’ll make it. I was convinced Little Sister would show up last weekend, for several reasons. But she’s so far refused to budge. People say we should be enjoying our final days of just having one kid, but that’s impossible. S. is […]

Rude Awakening

I realized today we’re in for a rude awakening when daughter #2 arrives. How? Well, over the last six weeks, M. has settled into an excellent sleep schedule. Sometime around 7:00 PM, she gets a bath. Then we either play with her toys or watch a Baby Einstein DVD until just before 8:00. That’s when […]

The Power Of The Avocado

Pearl Jam’s self-titled, eighth studio album arrived in my mailbox a little over a week ago. After many spins of both the disk and the iPod’s hard drive, I can agree with the majority of professional reviewers: it’s a damn fine album. Calling it a return to form is problematic: it matches the intensity of […]

The Perfect Game Ends

I’ve lost my 4.0. Not unexpected, and not catastrophic either. I got an A and a B+ this semester, dropping my GPA to 3.86. Still higher than pretty much any point in my previous academic history. The B+ was actually a surprise. I was thinking B as best case, B- as the probably grade.

Toddler Update

No trip to the hospital yet, which leaves time for an update on M.. It’s official: I’m going to become one of “those” parents. M. has been exhibiting all kinds of strange, i.e. early development, behaviors recently and I’ve decided she’s a little prodigy. That big head is full of brain, apparently! She knows at […]

Uncomfortable Days

The final weeks of pregnancy! Or, as women like to call it, hell. It’s safe to say S. is extremely uncomfortable. Skin feels like it can’t stretch anymore, but there is constant pressure from inside. An urge to go to the bathroom every five minutes because there’s a foot or head or arm pushing on […]


I just shot my research paper down to Bloomington via the wonders of the Internet. A hugely frustrating experience. I literally worked on it all day yesterday, from 7:00 AM until 1:30 AM this morning, and had almost nothing to show for it. I’d crank out 5-600 words in a section, decide I hated it, […]