Signs Of Summer

Two signs of summer. First, M. seems to have reached the perpetually skinned knee phase. Every 2-3 days, while we’re outside, she’ll decide to run down our driveway, which has a slight decline to it, catch her toes, and fall down, leaving her knees bloodied. She usually jumps up and looks at them, but a […]


I went back last weekend and skimmed a few of my posts from the first month or so of M.’s life. The constant lament was that I couldn’t get into a routine. Funny how things don’t change! I’m two weeks out of school and haven’t been able to get much accomplished. These damn newborns and […]

Vocabulary Of A Parent

The phrase I’ve been using way too much recently: “M! Get your finger out of your nose!” We were at the library Sunday, and I swear she was just standing around, finger in her nostril, almost the entire time. Since the other girls were at home, she made me look like Father of the Year […]

Guests And The Kids

We had several house guests over the past few days. Three, in fact, occupied our various beds and couches last night. As much fun as it is to entertain, there’s something about the quiet that descends upon a home after all the guests have left and the kids are in bed. We took M. on […]