C. At Four Months

I have my first exam in my PR class tomorrow night, along with a couple outstanding projects for my reporting class, so things will be a little slow here for the next few days. Lots of interviews and planning sessions lined up. I wrote about 2000 words about football over the weekend, but they’re desperately […]


My first story has been published in the school paper. First time I’ve been published since May 1989, and I have to say it feels pretty good. Unfortunately, the on-line edition doesn’t seem to be updated with new stories, so I can’t link to it. If it ever gets posted, I’ll let you know how […]

The Kids

It’s been awhile since I documented the growth of my girls. So here’s what’s going on these days. Of most importance is we’ve got two teethers. M. is working on her two year molars, and C. is pushing through her bottom two front teeth. That’s right, she’s getting teeth before she’s four months old. So […]