Halloween 2006

Pics uploading to Flicker as I type this up. M. was a pink octopus. She LOVED her costume. C. wasn’t quite as enthusiastic as M., but she was a fluffy chicken. M. went to six houses and got a pretty decent bag of candy. We immediately dumped almost all of it into our bowl for […]


Does anyone know how to get the theme from Dora the Explorer out of an adult’s head? Disclaimer: we watch at least three episodes a day in this house, so I’m looking for a way to remove it then block my mind from registering it the next time I hear it. Help is appreciated.

Front Page, Bitches! (Plus NLCS)

My M-W class isn’t meeting for a couple weeks, so Tuesday night was my first time on campus since last week’s paper came out. There, front page, above the fold, was one of my stories. As always, I must admit the competition for space isn’t fierce here, but it’s still kind of fun to see […]


We went to the mall yesterday, and I noticed a display in the Victoria’s Secret window for a bra with “adjustable cleavage.” My first question, of course, was can I get a demonstration from an official VS spokesmodel? Since I was with my wife and two daughters, obviously I couldn’t ask out loud for that […]