Super Saturday

Over 3200 words from my Saturday sports watching experience. Not for the faint-hearted. If you dare, check below the jump. What a great day. A couple years ago, before kids, I would have sat on my happy ass all day watching all the great sports action Saturday. Instead, I sat on my happy ass almost […]

Twenty Years

After a lovely Thanksgiving Day, I got the girls to bed (S. is working tonight), did some dishes, made some formula for the night, watched some random TV, and finally, around 11:30, got around to pouring myself a glass of Jameson and sitting down to watch the greatest episode of Cheers ever produced, The Thanksgiving […]

C. At Six Months

18 pounds. Six ounces less than M.¬†at the same age. 26.5 inches. 1/2 inch longer than M. Eyes looking bluer every day.  


I wish I had the ability to mentally post to the blog at times. I forget way too much amusing stuff the kids do, but if I could fire off a post from my head, you, the loyal readers and followers of M. and C.’s growth, would never miss a moment of their lives. Here’s […]