I have to say, C. has done quite well in her transition to sleeping all-night. We’ve only been up with her once in the past two weeks (JINX for tonight, right there!). M. is waking up more for some reason, but at least with her you just go cover her up again, make sure she […]

What A Game

I’ve had to bust out the 22 oz. Fat Tire at 11:00 PM in order to wind down. Obviously, one of the best playoff games in recent memory, if for no other reason than it had something for everyone. The Patriots came out absolutely humming in the first half. Moving the ball easily. Pressuring Manning. […]

Stinky Rocks

It won’t take much imagination for you to figure out what M. was describing when she said that earlier today. Think of what steps parents go through with kids (usually) between their second and third birthdays. I did a running account of last night’s KU-MU game, which ended up being a pretty exciting affair. My […]


A star is born and a damn fine game is played. Almost 3000 words about Kansas, Missouri, and basketball. It’s becoming a tradition. Kansas-Missouri on ESPN, I do an in-game blog. Well, I guess it becomes a tradition tonight, as last year was probably the first year I did it. Marquette and Louisville are doing […]

Night Moves

This was Bootcamp week for C.. She’s nearly eight months old and still was not sleeping all night, so since S. had five straight nights off, we decided to bite the bullet. We ignored C.’s pleas for attention for the past week to try to get her to learn that she can sleep through the […]

Seventeen Days

Seventeen days. That’s how long it took M.┬áto destroy the Play-Doh Santa brought her. What was once brilliant hues of orange, pink, purple, and yellow are now blobs of strange, pinkish-grey matter with the occasional swirl of tie-dye. She doesn’t seem to mind, but it sure drives her parents crazy.