NBA Draft

Well, the kids intervened a little, and some household chores kept me from watching as much of the draft as I would have liked. By the time I was able to sit down in front of the TV for good, I was just too tired to rewind and watch the entire thing from the beginning. […]

Draft Preview

It is my hope to continue a small tradition of the blog and provide some kind of commentary on tonight’s NBA draft. Conveniently, S. is working, so I’ll have the TV to myself. Inconveniently, we have two kids, so I’ll be DVRing and watching after bedtime, hoping I don’t get interruptions from upstairs. A quick […]

Little Reader

As an addendum to my Reader’s Notebook entry, a funny update on what C. is up to these days. My wee girl loves her some books! We’ve got books scattered all over the house, and one of her favorite tricks to to round them up and bring them to me, one-by-one. She’ll dig through them, […]

The Lost Art (A Rant Of Sorts)

Lost arts: The bounce pass. The stolen base. Good customer service. As we were working on our various projects around the house this winter and spring, I kept a mental list of customer service issues we had with the various contractors and businesses we worked with. There were a lot of unreturned phone calls, which […]

We Must Look Nice

This weekend, two different times while out for a family walk, we were stopped by people driving through the neighborhood looking at houses to answer some questions about living here. If it happens one more time, we’re contacting the home owners association and asking for some kind of compensation plan, because we talked it up! […]

Trip To The Lou

Very good trip to St. Louis Tuesday and Wednesday. I headed over with a friend from Indy who had business in the area and generally takes in a Cards’ game when he is in town. He dropped me off and headed to his meeting, I did some walking and shopping and picture-taking, then caught lunch […]

To The Lou

Just a friendly reminder that the new White Stripes album hits stores on Tuesday. As I type this at 11:07 PM, I’m seriously considering staying up until midnight to grab it from iTunes, even though my alarm is set for 5:50 AM tomorrow morning. (That is one thing I miss about the non-Daylight Savings Time […]

Very Quiet

Quiet here on the blog and elsewhere. It’s been kind of a strange week. I’ve been doing some data migration (that’s fancy talk) which has disrupted some of my normal routines. C. is being a royal pain at night, which makes mornings tough. I’ve got thoughts, just not always the motivation to post them for […]

Dumb Kids

Not my kids, although there are moments where I’m thinking that. No, I’m talking about the kids who edited the paper down at campus the past two semesters. I’ve been digging through the stories I wrote to make copies to send out to prospective employers and thus reading through everything I had published. Oddly enough, […]

The Deep End

We took the girls to the in-laws’ pool today. It was a pretty good demonstration of how different my daughters are. M., nearly three and a two summer veteran of the pool, threw a couple fits because she didn’t want to get into the water. When we finally coaxed her in, it took her forever […]