No, She’s Not

I knew the questions might come when I posted the picture of our Christmas tree. And since a few people have inquired, I should go ahead and end the suspense for anyone else who is wondering: No, S. is not pregnant. Some of you have noticed that we have five stockings hung, and with only four […]

The Big Game

Well, that was disappointing. I’m starting to put together these thoughts at about 2:45 on Sunday afternoon, and suffering from a massive headache. I’m not sure if that’s from the beer I drank last night, my contacts/glasses giving me problems, or from dealing with the girls alone all week. Hopefully it won’t interfere with putting […]

Approaching Storm

Here we go. The Biggest Game Ever is only about 30 hours away and I admit the stomach is starting to churn a bit. Before we get to the game, I wanted to share how much I’ve enjoyed the conversations I’ve had with people from both sides of the rivalry this week. To be fair, […]

The Footie

Everyone Go Crazy And Act Like A Fool</span> week has arrived. The best-case scenario most people scoffed at six weeks ago has become reality. Tigers and Jayhawks congregating in Arrowhead on Saturday to play for a lot more than bragging rights. If KU can continue it’s run, they are just two games from playing for […]

Amazing Timing

Don’t worry, the weekly football post will come. This late Saturday Big 12 game, though, is making it even harder to rationally think about the next seven days. Dominos falling… In an amazing coincidence, C. said both her name and her sister’s name for the first time today. She said “C.” to me several times […]

Weekend (Football) Update

Another full weekend of football. First, as I may have mentioned and the pic above will show, we trekked up north to attend the Notre Dame – Air Force game. A good friend from KC has a friend rather high up in the administration at the Academy, and came to town for the weekend with […]

The Streak Is Over

For the first time in her life, M. threw up today.* Appropriately, C. was laughing the entire time her big sister was puking up her dinner. I say appropriately, because the last time C. was sick, M. laughed. The fact it took M. over three years to throw up something other than formula bodes well […]

‘Tis The Season?

We took advantage of M. being at preschool and C. not commanding the language well enough to share secrets to take our youngest one along with us today to Toys R Us to scout out the hottest toys for the holiday season. Place was packed. I’m not sure if it was people using their two […]

Three Games

The calendar has flipped to November, baseball has ended (only 14 weeks until pitchers and catchers report!), the furnace is on, and there is frost on the grass. All sure signs that football will rule my TV for the next couple months. Three games will hold most of my attention this weekend. Some thoughts below. […]

Scary Night, Peaceful Night

M. was very excited for Halloween. We got the girls’ costumes about a month ago, and anytime we mentioned Halloween, M. would shout, “I’m going to be a GOOD witch!” Clarifying the good part was very important. She was literally shaking with anticipation last night, when we finally put the costume on and prepared to […]