Give Me A Call -or- My Wife Rocks

There are many things I admire and love about my wife. She’s compassionate and kind in every aspect of her life. She knew what she wanted to do early in life, went for it, and not only reached her goals, but has excelled at every step along the way. She has more patience with children […]

Favorite Songs Of 2007

This is hard work.  How do I filter all the music I listened to this year, and I listened to a ton of music, into 20 songs to represent the entire 12 months?  In the end, that’s exactly how I managed it: what songs most represented the past year to me?  What songs will I […]


We made it. The bulk of the Christmas rush is over. I realized something this week. When you’re a kid, Christmas is like rolling a boulder up a mountain: it seems like it’s going to take forever to get to the big day. As an adult, though, it can be a bit like being in […]

Holiday Wish

“If I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.” Actually, that was Steve Martin’s wish back in 1986. But trust me, my sentiment is the same. (See below for […]

Holiday Spirits

I’m just now watching my first Christmas movie of the year (Christmas Vacation), my traditional first movie each year). Between the four movies I own and the 3-4 I’ve added to the DVR in the last month, there’s no way I’m getting through them all, for the second straight year. I’m not sure what’s wrong […]

Someone Is Beginning To Get It

It’s fun to finally be experiencing Christmas through the eyes of a kid again. M. is old enough this year to figure out what’s going on. Tonight, her preschool has a Christmas pageant. They’ve been practicing songs for it all month, and along with those songs, since she attends a Catholic school, has come a […]

Friday Notes

I heard a rumor people are gathering in Kansas City tomorrow night to celebrate the life of one of the finest artists this nation has ever produced. I will not be making an appearance at this year’s Sinatra Party. I do hope all of you celebrate safely, though, and honor his memory in the proper […]

Not A Good Sign

We have a little manger scene that S’s mom put together from pieces she found during her travels back in the 60s. Most of the pieces are wood, so we have it sitting within reach of the girls. C. was running through the house with the baby Jesus yesterday, took a spill, and when she got up, […]

FOY Follow-up

We watched a little of the Best of Will Farrell Saturday night and caught the <a href=”″>Dissing Your Dog</a> promo. While not quite as extreme, my mocking of M. seemed a little like Dale Sturtevant’s methods. I must admit, the last part, “You’re a f&amp;(^ing dog!”, is something I’ve often thought of when we’ve moved both […]


I think I clinched the Father of the Year award last night. I’ve begun mocking my three-year-old. Like most kids her age, M. has developed a potty mouth. She’s not dropping f-bombs or anything, but she does walk around talking about pee and poop all the time, and then acts like it’s super funny. Again, […]