At Last, A Turn For The Better

Things are finally getting better here. C. was sick again all night last night. I finally broke down and got sick. A rough morning for some of us, but I’m feeling almost normal again and C. was looking much better before her nap. M. went back to school and was her now-normal bossy self upon her return. Now […]

The Hits Keep Coming

I was hoping for a laid back weekend. A rest from the sickness of last week. Surprise, surprise. (Warning: more puke talk ahead.) Saturday, M. was feeling a little better, although certainly not her normal self. She ate a little bit, but didn’t seem to be into the food that much. I went off to […]

Just Like Her Old Man

It’s a very sad day. M. was supposed to go to her first birthday party for a friend from school today. It is going to be at one of those places where they sell playground equipment, but rent it out so kids can go crazy inside on cold days like today. She was very excited. […]


I like to say that music keeps me young. I’ve managed to stay in touch with what the cool indie kids are listening to despite the fact I’ll officially push into my late 30s this year. As my tastes have changed over the past four years, getting younger as I grow older, I’ve in turn […]

Fun Things For A Cold Day

Two fun things. First, C. puked all over the couch this morning. Well, that’s not really fun for any of us, but if you think your day was bad, at least you didn’t have to clean that up. Second, Stephen Colbert is finally getting the recognition he deserves.<a href=”″>This is brilliant</a>.


If anyone knows how to get a 20-month-old to sleep through the night, we’re open to all suggestions. As if it wasn’t bad enough that C. still can’t master sleeping, and in fact has gotten worse over the last month, she’s come down with a mother of a cold that is making things even more fun […]

Still My Favorite Ever

“If you live in Kansas City, you kind of have to be a KU fan.” George Brett, 1/14/08, ESPN. Thank goodness he married a KU alum! When I was in school and he came to a game, it was always a big deal, with the students pointing to where he was sitting and chanting his […]


A lot of ground to cover today. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that it was well after 2AM before I was finally able to relax and go to sleep last night. It didn’t help that literally the moment the Orange Bowl ended, C. started her mid-night act. So forgive me if this is even […]

Big Day

Orange Bowl. Iowa Caucuses. A pretty big day coming up on Thursday. And, if you live on the east coast, you apparently think that the two might interfere with each other. It started about a month ago in <span style=”font-style:italic;”>Newsweek</span> magazine. In a column that laid out where each Democratic candidate’s support was coming from, […]

Sleepless In Carmel

There’s a slight dusting of snow tonight, leaving the remaining holiday lights in the neighborhood to look particularly dazzling. It feels like the week before Christmas instead of the first week of the new year. So, hey, happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all made it through the holiday unscathed. Our girls apparently […]