Weekend Assignment

I donned my reporter’s hat Saturday and drove down to the natatorium at IUPUI to cover the Indiana boys swimming and diving championships. I hung out with some swimmers in high school, so I understand how swimmers are second only to wrestlers when it comes to strange high school athletes, but had never been to […]

Round Numbers

I’ve come at this a couple different ways and wasn’t terribly satisfied with the results, so I’ll give this a third shot and see what happens. It was ten years ago today (February 22) that my mom was killed in a car accident. As with any anniversary, in some ways it seems like yesterday, and […]

The Heartbreak Of eBay

So I’m kind of addicted to eBay. We won’t get into the details, but since I finally checked it out last summer, I’ve become a bit of a fiend. I’ve sold some things, bought some things, but most tellingly bid on some stuff I absolutely did not need. Fortunately, all the Don’t Need items went […]

Coupla Lame Asses

Another streak is broken. Saturday night, S. and I went to see our first movie in a theater together since 2004. One of her sisters informed us that we would be going out and she would be watching the girls, so we decided to go crazy and see a flick instead of just going to […]


My daughters are becoming nudists. It’s pissing me off. Yesterday, while I was off getting groceries, M. came prancing downstairs after her aborted nap buck naked, according to S.. Last night, while I was doing some stuff here in the office, she came strolling in naked again. Making matters worse was, right behind her, C. […]

Denver Trip Summary

As reported, the family has returned, intact, from our adventure to Colorado. The top of the line bullet points are that the girls earned an overall B+ for their behavior and S. and I have decided we’re not traveling with the girls again until they are both at least five. The flight out was mostly […]

We’re Off

I forget if I’ve mentioned it, but tonight we head to Denver for a wedding and then a couple days in the mountains. It will be C.’s first trip on a plane, which of course presents all kinds of interesting scenarios. Fortunately, we’ll have two aunts and an honorary aunt sitting in the same aisle […]


It’s Super Tuesday. Indulge me in a little politics. It seems trite to say that I’m throwing the immense weight of the blog behind the candidacy of Barack Obama simply because he is campaigning on a promise to bring change to this country. After all. doesn’t every candidate claim to support change of one kind […]