San Antonio Bound

Wow. I thought about posting just that one word and the picture, and leaving it at that. I don’t know that you ever apologize for getting the the Final Four, but little beyond the victory itself was worth celebrating about KU’s victory over Davidson in the Midwest Regional Final. For me, it was an unprecedented […]

Dad Rules

Gorgeous day today, so I was able to get the girls outside for a few hours. The neighbor kids also came out and eventually playground chalk made an appearance. 20 minutes later, C.’s face was completely covered in pink chalk, M.’s in blue. Hopefully the pictures turn out. Their normal Thursday morning bath came about […]

Probably Not The Next Tiger

Like a lot of parents, I struggle with how and when to push my kids. To be honest, I don’t push much: if they want to do something, I let them do it. If they aren’t interested, I’m not going to force them to kick a soccer ball for two hours. But I do think […]

Pizza Party

For now, I’m not going to talk about the NCAA tournament. I need to find the right tone so that I don’t anger the Woof Gods. I still have a few superstitions left. I did want to quickly recap M.’s first trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s last week. You may recall that she was invited […]


Some quick thoughts on the tournament before I head to Gymboree. Regarding KU, I’m surprisingly zen about them. I’d love it if their fulfilled their potential and went deep; it would certainly be a lot of fun. But, if they lose early, I’m not going to let it ruin the season for me as a […]

Put On Your Rally Hats

The last time I attended a political rally was in 1992. I figured I was overdue, so I checked out Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s visit to Indianapolis Saturday. The Senator visited in advance of the May 6 Indiana primary, which given the closeness of the Democratic nomination race, is suddenly very important. Here are some observations […]

Lost Art?

I was watching the Backyardigans with the girls today and wondered, do people outside of circuses walk on tightropes anymore? I’m talking about real tightropes, not metaphorical ones. Maybe it wasn’t as often as it seemed, but when I was little, back in the mid-70s, it seemed like some joker was walking across Niagara Falls […]

Another Instant Classic

First off, I watched shockingly few hours of basketball during championship week. Part of that was because S. was on the day shift, so it was just me and the girls. By the time the games started each day, the girls had seen enough TV already, and I really needed to get them doing something […]

Dancing In The Streets

That’s what is happening all over the Middle East this morning. Why? Because the terrorists have won again. Yes, Indiana’s 7th congressional district <a href=”″>elected a Muslim</a> – a MUSLIM! – to represent them in the US House of Representatives for the next ten months. It’s a well documented fact that every single Muslim in […]

A Night For Dads

Tonight was dads’ night at M.’s preschool. There’s nothing quite like spending an hour with a bunch of wound-up three and four year olds. As with their Christmas program, M. had been letting details of what was going to happen tonight slip for a couple weeks. They’ve been diligently practicing songs and on occasion she […]