Sippy Cup Problems

If someone could invent a sippy cup that didn’t stink all the time, they would be a kazillionaire, because I would pay any price and buy at least four. Even the cups that we just put water in are already stank-stank-stanky just four days after they were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected for several hours.  


Keeping with the kids theme, rather than busting out a long, disjointed accounting of all the cute/funny/infuriating things about the girls I’ve jotted down in recent weeks, <span style=”text-decoration:line-through;”>I’ll offer up a few at a time</span>. Today: B. Girls Say The Darndest Things. (OK, it ended up being semi-long and disjointed anyway.) When we got […]

Good Grief

I’m working on some new content, don’t worry. Last week was a busy one in and around the house. I power washed and then re-stained/sealed the deck. Worked in the yard. We reorganized the garage, including adding some new storage devices. Had some car repairs taken care of. And did some reorganization inside as well. […]

Still Giddy

I promised one more KU post, so here goes it. Feel free to move along to other/better things if you’re sick of it all. Well, the hangover remains, although this is an extremely pleasant hangover. I’m down to a relatively normal number of e-mails related to KU again. I was getting about 1000 a day, […]

Auspicious Start

It’s bad enough when the two-year-old gets out of bed, opens her door, goes down the stairs, and starts running around the living room at 5:30 AM. Then the house started shaking. Apparently we had a nice 5.4 earthquake this morning. I don’t remember anything from my days in southeast Missouri, right on top of […]

Fear of Unfortunate Comments

As I try to come up with all the funny things the girls are saying these days, here’s a quick teaser. M. refers to anything that is brown as chocolate. She wants to wear her “chocolate” shoes or shirt or likes the chocolate dog or whatever. Her sister is following that example, although C. says […]

More More More

More Jayhawk talk. And lots of it. I promise, only one or two more of these for my non-Jayhawk readers. It’s been an odd couple of days. I still don’t feel great. Much better than I felt Monday, but my stomach is still giving me fits. So I’ve continued to kind of lay around the […]


The day after. Feeling about 80% better, although it was a rather restless night of sleep. I thought a lot about what winning a national championship would mean to me, as a fan and alum, over the weekend. The reality, of course, is that it really only gives me a chance to buy a bunch […]


Sick on the couch all day, laid on my back for the game, but managed to get upright after Mario C saved the day. Not afraid to admit I’m shedding some tears of joy right now. What a team what a season what a shot what a game. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!