The Outhouse

In the late 70s and early 80s it was hard to find two cities that, per capita, loved baseball more than Kansas City and Baltimore. 30 years later the Royals broke their 12 game losing streak tonight and in Baltimore there were about 50,000 Red Sox fans filling up Camden Yards. Watch the video of […]

Feeding The Kids

Like all parents, we struggle at times to ensure that our girls are eating a well-balanced diet. Not just making sure we’re hitting all the food groups in the proper ratios each day, but also just in variety of foods. We could serve mac & cheese with some kind of fruit at every meal and […]


We’ve had a couple large milestones here in La Casa De B. in recent months that I’ve failed to mention. M. left the pull ups behind in March. It was one of those “We’re down to about ten pull ups, do we want to buy any more?” changes that we parents have to force upon […]

They Grow Up So Fast

M. finished up her first year of preschooling yesterday. Her school year went out with a bang with a big bike parade for all the three year olds followed by a cookout/pot luck lunch for the kids and their families. The parade was pretty funny as it clearly demonstrated the differences in ages amongst the […]

Paragons Of Customer Service

We’ve been trying to sign the girls up for swimming lessons using the city’s parks & rec website. We kept getting an error saying we were already registered in their system that we couldn’t work around. So S. called and got a fairly young guy on the phone. After a couple minutes of fruitless explanations […]

It’s Not A Mario

Three lines. That’s what the sonogram showed today. For those of you who have never been lucky enough to sit in on a sonogram, those three lines indicate you’re growing a little girl. I believe we’ve officially debunked the Chinese Birth Calendar and proven that S. and I are only able to produce girls. As […]

Election Day Wrap Up

Please note a more important post will be coming later today. Remember, we’re making a trip to the doctor this morning. I did not stay up late enough to catch all the drama last night, but I followed some of it. Ironically I was thinking, before results began coming in, that there aren’t any surprises […]

Big Day

First off, happy belated Cinco de Mayo to you all. I hope you enjoyed a bag of Doritos or perhaps had some Cinnamon Twists to celebrate the occasion. Oh, and happy birthday to the <a href=”″>iMac</a>, which was announced ten years ago today. Well, the big day is finally here. Indiana, for the first time […]

Not Sure What This Is All About

M.┬áhas a new thing where sometimes after coloring, she’ll wad her paper up, throw it onto the floor, get off her chair, and go put the paper into the trash. If I ask her what’s wrong she just whines and walks away. Apparently she has very high standards.


I’ve only obliquely discussed the impending addition of a third kid to the Brannan fam on the blog. Part of that is despite our broad e-mail and phone broadcast of the news awhile back, we were waiting to tell a few folks less directly connected to us. Although I doubt they have access to the […]