I should probably hold off on saying this for a few more days, until I’ve had a chance to listen through it more, but the best album of the year so far is The Midnight Organ Fight by the Scottish band <a href=””>Frightened Rabbit</a>. I’ve tried to put on my amateur rock critic hat and […]

Wasting Time

I’d like to preface this post by reminding you all that I’m nearly 37 years old, am married, have 2.5 kids, and have a Master’s degree. Last night, I spent about 45 minutes shooting a water gun at the mother raccoon that lives under our deck each time she peaked her head out to see […]

Thoughts On Parenting

<a href=”;oref=slogin”>This article</a> is a thought-provoking (and lengthy) examination of how couples struggle to achieve a fair balance when it comes to raising kids, managing the home, etc. I’m fascinated by how little the numbers have changed over time, as though there’s something hardwired in either us or our society that prevents us from moving […]

What To Call It

This is how strange a spring it has been: today, June 17, is the first morning this year that I’ve spent most of my time in our three-season-room/sunroom/screened-in porch, or whatever this room is called. Most of the spring it’s been too chilly to hang out in here anytime before lunch. Over the last couple […]

It’s Boston’s World, We’re Just Living In It

I feel comfortable saying the Celtics have this thing wrapped up, since they have a 31 point lead three minutes into the fourth quarter. I believe that’s what you call a comprehensive ass-kicking. So much for my Lakers in five pick. Paul Pierce proves he’s one of the best players in the NBA, officially ascends […]

Free Golf

Happy Father’s Day, late in the day, to the other pops out there. I enjoyed mine. Worked in the yard. Had a little cookout for the local family. Enjoyed my gift, the <i>Rock Chalk Championship</i> DVD. (I learned one thing from the DVD: Bill Self is a locker room genius. No singing <a href=””>”Eye Of […]

Reader’s Notebook

My on-going quest to read everything ever printed. 18 – <i>Open Line</i> – Ellen Hawley. This is a fun little novel about a lark run amok. Annette Majoris is a late-night radio host in Minneapolis who dreams of making it big in a real city, specifically New York, not some sleepy Midwestern town. One night, […]

Overheard At The Library

While at the library last night, M. and C. were playing with some toys while S. and I were looking at books about ten feet away. Another little girl, who looked to be 4-5, ran up to them and asked, “What are your names?” M. gave her a look for a minute like, “Who are […]

Rain, Rain Go Away

I want to be careful how I say this, because there are a lot of people across Indiana and other Midwestern states who have truly suffered over the last week because of all the rain. Some of the pictures from just south of Indianapolis were incredible. But, I’m ready for all these freaking storms to […]

Party Time

M. had another birthday party this weekend. I highly recommend checking out the family pic page (right there on the right sidebar, top link, for you newbies) for some good ones. This was a special party in that there were farm animals. Two ponies. Two baby goats. A rooster. A hen and some chicks. A […]