Do You Believe In Miracles?

The Royals finish fourth! The Royals finish fourth! Thanks to a blistering September, the mighty Kansas City Royals avoided the cellar in the American League Central. Believe it or not, this is the fourth time this decade the Royals have finished fourth. Maybe things aren’t so bad after all! It’s funny how the length of […]

Repeat Plays

Another great list from the Onion AV Club. Naturally, it begs the question, what movies are on my list? In no particular order: 1) Star Wars. I probably watched this 50 times between 1977 and 1984. I’ve seen it once all the way through since then. 2) Chevy’s Classics. I’ll bundle the classic work of […]

Kiss It Goodbye

If you didn’t flip by ESPN at any point on Sunday, you may not know that the final baseball game has been played at Yankee Stadium. ESPN devoted approximately 800 hours of programming to this historic event. The Yankees are missing the playoffs this year, so they had to fill their Yanks quota somehow. Anyway, […]

No Family Pics For Awhile

M. took a bit of a tumble the other night. We were talking with the neighbors while our kids chased each other around and heard a solid smack, followed by screaming. M. caught her toes in the sidewalk as she was running and ended up face-down on the sidewalk. Not only did she skin her […]

First Album Update

Going back to the first album I purchased with my own money for a moment, I’ll admit thinking about Def Leppard’s <em>Pyromania</em> made me a little nostalgic. So I fired up the iTunes Music Store. No <em>Pyromania</em> available there. Jump over to the Amazon MP3 Store. Not there either. So one of the biggest selling […]

Hello Again

I don’t know how to feel about <a href=”;_ylt=AjdyquKWBkZ9qF.8l_W_dpk5nYcB?slug=ap-armstrong-comeback&amp;prov=ap&amp;type=lgns”>Lance Armstrong’s return</a>. I tend to want my retired athletic heroes to stay retired. Call me old fashioned. But, I read an article during this summer’s Brett Favre drama that convinced me that the whole idea of legacy and pleasing the fans is a little silly. Each […]

And They’re Off

Four hours of sweet freedom. That’s what we got today with the girls both going off to school. What a strange thing to have a completely quiet house in the middle of the day. I had to shut off my music junkie switch for awhile so I could enjoy this rare time of no noise. […]

Kid Talk

In honor of M. starting school Wednesday, here are some stories about the kids. As promised, I will now reveal the curse word that C. has been using from time-to-time. When I drop something, knock something over, etc. my default curse is “Dammit.” I’ve learned to more mutter it than exclaim it since becoming a […]

Holiday Perfection

Admit it, you were glued to VH1 Classic’s 80 Hours of the ’80s this weekend (That is if you have VH1 Classic). Lord knows I was. I thought about e-mailing each of you individually to make sure you knew it was on. In between shows for the kids and doing things outside, I tried to […]