A Very Birdy Weekend

I hope all y’alls had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends. Ours was good, if busy. I worked Wednesday night, we went to the in-law’s for a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner, and then S. went back to work Thursday night. The night was ok. The older sisters were beat from their busy day, so did well at bedtime. L. […]

New Season

The high school girls basketball season has started here in Indiana, and I got to cover my first game of the year last night. It was kind of a big deal because my editor handed me an official newspaper laptop and told me to keep it for the season. Which means I’ll be covering at […]

Name Game, Part 3

It’s time to unveil the details of the great naming dilemma of ’08. I did inform you, dear readers, a couple times that we were struggling greatly with choosing a name for B. Baby number three. We would compile lists, look at them, not feel strongly about any of the names, then chuck them all […]


Some commentary on two of my favorite teams in the world below the jump.<!–more–>Just finished watching the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPION Kansas Jayhawks open their basketball season with a win over mighty UMKC. An ugly first half ended with the teams tied at 32. The Jayhawks got some rhythm in the second half and pulled away […]

More Words

I promise I’ll get back to a regular schedule here eventually. If only I could get back on a regular schedule around the house. In the interim, another funny saying from one of the girls. When I was putting C. down for her nap today she was super wound up. She looked at me and […]


Both big sisters have a funny catch phrase at the moment. M. uses the word “imaginate” a lot. As in, “Dad, I was imaginating at school today about being a princess.” Or, “C., let’s imaginate that we’re princess fairies.” For some reason I prefer that word to pretend. C. is pointing out how she carefully […]


What follows are some meandering thoughts on Tuesday night’s events. I don’t promise that they’re particularly interesting or insightful, but they do represent how I feel about that historic evening. Oh, and way less then the 18,000 words I wrote four years ago! The front page of Wednesday’s Indianapolis Star blared a one-word headline: HISTORY. […]

Change Is Gonna Come

I guess there’s some big thing going on tomorrow (or more likely today, depending on when you’re reading this). All I know is I voted last week but for some reason I still won’t be able to buy beer tomorrow, which I think is garbage. This country might be a better place if you could […]

Halloween 2008

Another successful Halloween for the B. girls. M. went as a ballerina, while C. recycled M.’s pink octopus costume from two years ago. We planned on taking L. in a pumpkin hat and onesie, but she demanded a bottle just as we were heading out so she stayed home. M. was really into it. She’d […]