Best Year Ever

2008 was up there. 1971 was good, at least for me. 1980 was great, with the Miracle on Ice, George Brett chasing .400, and my family’s move to Kansas City. 1992 was fine. 2003 excellent. And 2004 and 2006 important years for extending the B. brand, which we of course did again this year. 2008 […]

Moving Up

Tuesday night I get to cover my first ever college basketball game as a professional sports writer. That sounds pretty cool, at least to me. The team I’ll be covering made the D3 tournament last year, but is sitting at .500 so far this year. It’ll be a little easier than high school, since I […]

Holiday Wrap Up

Christmas seemed to fly by faster than ever this year. Some of that probably had to do with M. being sick around the big day. She had a stomach bug beginning on the afternoon of the 23rd all the way through to Christmas Eve morning. We spent a big chunk of that night running into […]

Good Tidings

Busy times here in La Casa de Brannan. First, all five residents are saddled with colds. At least one person in the house has had at least the sniffles, if not a full blown cold, since September. This is getting seriously old, and we still have two-plus months of winter left. Family members start trickling […]

Favorite Songs Of 2008

Hey, it’s time for my annual listing of the songs that moved me and/or stuck with me the most this year.  Enjoy. Honorable Mention “Buildings & Mountains” – The Republic Tigers.  A lovely song by a fine band from Kansas City.  This sounds like a warm, early summer afternoon. “Northern Lights” – Science For Girls […]

Reporter’s Notebook

A few notes, anecdotes, and thoughts from my travels across central Indiana covering high school sports. Morning update. The team I cover that always loses? They won by 24 last night. No, I did not attend the game. I’m definitely a jinx. This began with the idea of being a short review of a couple […]

Keeping Up With The Youngsters

I’m giving the Facebook another shot. If you’re on the Facebook, you may have noticed I started updating my status, I think for the first time ever, over the past few days. I’ve received a slew of friend invites in recent weeks, thus I’ve been going in and approving/ignoring them a lot. And, while doing […]

Check Up And Words

It’s been a bit of a crazy week. This is S.’s first week back on the day shift, so I’m in the midst of seven straight days with the girls. Monday was a breeze with the big sisters gone and L. at Mimi’s house in the morning. Tuesday was a monster, as L.’s nasty cold […]

The Play

What a freaking game Saturday. My Mizzou friends can just skip the rest. Lord knows I would if things were reversed. I’m not going to act like my feelings about the game changed from two weeks ago, when I said it would take an STD running rampant through the Mizzou locker room for KU to […]