Wrapping Up The Week

It was a busy week here. Let’s try to catch-up. First, we had the sixth biggest snowstorm in Indianapolis history. They measured 12.5″ at the airport. I had 10.5″ at our front door, although I think we might have had another inch on top of that based on how things looked away from the house. […]

Happiest Baby Ever

I’m going to throw caution to the wind and declare that L. is the happiest baby ever. This comes with some risk, since each time for the past 2.5 years I’ve praised C. for sleeping through the night, she would immediately go back to her old ways. But I’m confident L. can shake the curse […]

Our Long Wait Is Over

In case you missed it, and <a href=”http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/01/miss-america-do.html”>chances are you did</a>, Indiana is now home to Miss America, ending our embarrassing 77-year drought. Now I no longer have to hang my head when I return to Kansas City and hear from friends who live both in Kansas and Missouri, “What kind of state can’t even […]

How Geeky Is Too Geeky?

A long-winded attempt to steer you towards a cool television channel and speculate on whether weird hobbies could derail a budding relationship. I spend a little time each day watching Current TV. If you’ve never seen Current, it is a citizen journalism outlet that lets pretty much anyone submit small videos, which they call pods, […]

Change Has Come

A post that is (mostly) not about what you might think it is about. I’ve slowly, over the past three months, been making a very important change in my life, and finally completed that change yesterday. I have ditched my contacts and am wearing glasses exclusively for the first time in 23 years. Why on […]

Kids Can Be Useful

I need to give our four-year-old some credit. As maddening as her behavior has been much of the time since L. was born, she does have her moments of pleasantness. And, apparently, usefulness. She may be potty-training C.. For a few weeks, any time M. was using the bathroom and, to put it delicately, required […]

Terrific Drama

In which a game goes down to the wire. My high school basketball reporting experience this year has been decidedly one-sided. Other than two games that featured two local teams, and thus had me covering both the winners and losers, just about every game I’ve done this year has been a comfortable win. More often […]

Casey’s Coast to Coast

In which I listen to the music of my youth. Those of you that follow my Facebook status may have caught that I spent Sunday morning listening to a 25 year old American Top 40 rebroadcast. Our local retro hits station began reairing AT40s from the 80s last fall and, life with a newborn and […]

Top Five Funny Thing

I’ve never had a problem changing diapers. It’s part of being a parent, and when I decided to be a stay-at-home parent, I signed myself up for a lot more diapers than the average dad. No worries. My one technique to make the process a little more tolerable, though, has been to pull my shirt […]

Moving Ahead

A few quick updates on little L. She’s actually not so little anymore. All of a sudden she’s looking big to us. Part of it is because, well, she is getting big like a healthy baby should. But I think some of it is because she’s moved into that second phase of infantdom where she […]