(Bitter) Sweet Sixteen

This probably needs more editing, but it’s almost 10 pm Monday night and I should probably get it posted. And I have a cold, so I might do more damage than help to it if I start hacking. This is the least angsty, upset, depressed I’ve ever been after a season-ending loss. You know most […]

This Week With Casey

A brief American Top 40 The 80s update.* (Don’t worry, an extensive basketball post is coming.) This week’s show was from 1981, making it the first repeat year countdown since I began listening in January. It was fun to track where songs I heard six weeks ago were in the latest chart. At least for […]

Times Change

There’s a slew of stories about the 1979 NCAA title game right now. Linked below is the one that appears in today’s Indy Star. My favorite quote is clipped as well, and it’s one that appears in some form in most of the articles, books, and specials about the game. I like it because it […]

Unintentional Neglect

Another for my Father Of The Year file. A few set up points to begin this story. First, C. has lost all interest in potty training over the past month. She had been using the toilet once a day or so but lately not at all. Second, L. woke up around 5:30 Thursday morning, and […]


In March, there are no beauty points, nor any to reason to apologize for advancing. Nor does the regular season, comparing scores and schedules, RPI-based method of deciding who is better come into play. The team that looks awesome one night puts up a dud the next and gets sent home. Winning ugly is better […]

Rounding Into Shape

We’re six weeks into our workout sessions with our trainer. Seems like a good time for an update, no? Up until this week, we were meeting with our trainer once each week. He’d come with a plan put together for the week, guide us through the workout, selecting settings on machines that were appropriate for […]


After taking a look at my picks, I’m hating myself. Despite my belief that the Big East is a little overrated this year – still the best league, but can we stop the slobbering? – I have three Big East schools in the Final Four. And two more in the Elite Eight. Blech. As I […]

Who Ordered The Giant Crap Sandwich?

Well that sucked. Losing to the biggest phonies in the conference stings. So maybe that game in Lubbock wasn’t a fluke. Sherron looks a little hefty and tired. Cole struggles against anyone shorter and faster than him. You hate to be hearing the term “stress reaction” on a guy that big this time of year. […]