R’s – Good First Month

Well that was more like it. Taking three out of four from the team that entered the series with one of the best records in the league does not suck at all. And the way it happened did wonders for my confidence as a fan. The big news, of course, was the bats coming alive. […]

The Going Gets Weird

The President is telling us to wash our hands and cover our mouths when we sneeze and cough. The state health commissioner here suggests that we no longer shake hands, but rather bow to each other or bump elbows in greetings and goodbyes.* Wacky wild times we’re living in, friends. (What’s that? Bumping elbows? Is […]


I’m more excited about the weather than I was last week. We had four very nice, if windy, days in a row. Even had to kick on the AC. It’s going to cool off a bit, but at least we’ve gotten into proper April temps. I’m less excited about our up-coming trip to Mexico than […]

R’s – Buzzkill

Man do the Royals know how to ruin what should have been a perfectly successful weekend. Last week it was the Farnsworth-offered bomb to lose in the 9th at Texas.* This week it was two pathetic offensive efforts after one of the greatest pitching performances in team history to begin the series with Detroit on […]

R’s – Return To Glory

What a return to the bigs for Brian Bannister. Since he was so unimpressive in Arizona, we can’t think he’s going to be this lights-out every outing. But holy crap will the Royals be difficult to beat if he can consistently offer six innings of quality pitching. Alberto Callaspo is a throwback. He reminds me […]

Unspoken Perils Of Catholic School

The preschool at our church is in a building separate from the main church built specifically to house the kids. The class for two year olds, however, is in the main church. So every Monday, when it’s C.’s turn to go to class, we drop off M., circle around to the church, and I walk […]

R’s – Bad Announcing

I pretty much gave up on tonight’s game as soon as Fat Sid let the Indians recapture the lead in the third. As I was washing dishes, sweeping, getting laundry going, etc., I heard the Indians start to put the Royals away. Good decision. I did hear an epically bad comment from Bob Davis, though. […]

Thoughts On Parenthood

A couple links related to parenthood. First, a funny list by the father of a young daughter. I think about stuff like this all the time. <a href=”http://a.wholelottanothing.org/2009/04/conversations-ill-someday-have-with-my-daughter-that-will-make-little-to-no-sense-to-her.html”>Conversations I’ll someday have with my daughter that will make little to no sense to her no matter how much I try to explain</a> Second, I liked this […]

R’s – Gut Punch

Baseball is a funny game. You win some. You lose some. Sometimes it rains. Or something like that. As the only major sport that features series during the regular season, it also offers something unique to the game: a team can win a series, but if they blow the finale in spectacular fashion, it can […]

R’s Off Day Respite

Finally an off day, so seems like a good time to take a look at the team and what they’ve accomplished thus far. Truly a bummer that Alex Gordon is going under the knife. I sent an angry e-mail out Tuesday night suggesting he might need a stint in Omaha in the hopes it would […]