R’s – Drastic Measures

I don’t think we’re at rock bottom yet – hopefully we won’t find out how low that is – but I think it’s safe to say there are a lot of concerns about the Kansas City Royals Baseball Club* at the moment. With that in mind, I think it’s time to take drastic measures. (That […]


You may remember my four-month battle to get new glasses that spanned last October to January. I’m at it again. This time I’m trying to get some prescription sunglasses. Since the first week of April I have 1) ordered a pair and been informed a week later that the frames I ordered will not work […]

Delayed Weekend Wrap Up

Busy weekend, busy week, busy month. So for starters, I hope all youse guyses had fine Memorial Day weekends. Ours wrapped around the end of a period where S. worked 11 of 14 days, so we were all a little fried and are enjoying the fact she has this entire week off. Friday was the […]

R’s – Have We Seen This Before?

Is it officially time to get worried? Conventional wisdom a week ago, after the 0-6 road trip, was that the Royals would come home, beat up on a couple last place teams, and get their groove back. A 2-4 home stand did not inspire confidence. And, of course, they were lucky to be 2-4, thanks […]

R’s – Fed Up

Not much to write about this time around. With guests for C’s birthday and a work assignment over the weekend, I was only able to follow the O’s series casually. Thank goodness for pulling out Sunday’s game, or we might have needed to go to Defcon 2. To lighten the mood, though, let’s take a look […]

Say Goodbye To Two

C. turned three on Sunday. Unfortunately, that did not mean she suddenly stopped throwing tantrums, reacting wildly to tiny things, or master using the potty. In fact, she threw her normal fit at breakfast because it was not presented in the manner she desired and peed either her pants or on the floor four times. […]


Wayman Tisdale was a force of nature. One of the most devastating college basketball players I’ve ever seen. He was also the catalyst for the Big 8’s ascension as one of basketball’s power conferences, blazing a trail for Manning, Chievous, Grayer, King, Smith, etc. Rest in peace. <a href=”http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2009/basketball/nba/05/15/tisdale.ap/index.html”>Former NBA vet Wayman Tisdale dies at […]

R’s – Lost Luggage

Well that sucked. So much for the winning steak, clear possession of first place, and pretty much every good vibe that had been associated with the Royals just a week ago. There’s something about the phrase “West Coast Swing” that makes whatever happens on it seem perhaps more significant than it really is. I don’t […]

Bubblegum Cards

As my generation approaches middle age, we’re going to have to start answering for some of the things we’re responsible for.  Example: ruining baseball cards. It’s not all our fault.  The Baby Boomers, as always, deserve some blame.  They were the ones who started the nonsense, paying insane amounts for cards from their youth.  And […]

Radio Thoughts

A couple thoughts related to radio that have nothing to do with Casey Kasim.* (I’m still listening to the American Top 40 replays, although for some reason there wasn’t one last weekend. Just haven’t had any good stories from one for awhile.) First, three times in the last week I’ve heard songs and thought, “Is […]