Genius Social Experiment

Give a 13-year-old a Walkman for a week and see what happens. I remember my first Walkman well. It was actually a knock-off, since those early Walkmans were quite expensive. And it was the obvious knock-off: had some crazy decals on it and, worse, a pull-out antenna for the AM/FM tuner. But I loved that […]

Cyber Stalking

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve been thinking about Michael Jackson the last few days.* I’ll have some thoughts on the self-proclaimed King of Pop eventually, I promise. That third kid really is affecting my blogging, no? (Yeah, yeah, Farrah died too. And Billy Mays and Ed McMahon for that matter. I was about […]

Pacers Draft Preview

Normally this time of year I’m busting out my NBA Draft review, Bill Simmons style. In fact, that was how version 1.0 of site began. I’ll mix things up a bit this year. I’ll admit I’m not nearly as interested in this year’s draft as in the ’08 selections. Some of that has to do with […]

El Viaje

Yeah, so the trip was pretty spectacular. Good friends in Michigan put this trip together, and of the nine or so couples they invited, six ended up heading to Cabo together. We knew two of the couples. One of the couples we didn’t know lives here in Indy; the other in San Francisco (half of […]

Back On The Ranch

We have returned from Cabo, tanned, somewhat rested, and very happy. We had a great time and agree this was probably our best vacation ever. We arrived home at midnight last night. S. had to be at work first thing this morning; the girls and I had to leave for swim lessons shortly after. So no […]


I may get another link or two posted before we officially depart, but this is your friendly reminder that Mrs. B. and I will soon be departing for a few days south of the border. We’re heading to Cabo San Lucas, where some friends and quite a few beers are waiting for us. It’s going to […]

Gearing Up For Superhero Season

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve received an e-mail from someone who happens upon the blog that goes along the lines of this: Dearest Blogger, I recently found your wonderful weblog and have enjoyed it immensely. I especially enjoyed your recent post about potty training your daughter / watching a sporting event […]

R’s – Quickie

Great weekend, sweeping the Reds with two of the games in beautiful, standard definition television on my local cable provider’s FSN feed. As hard to imagine as it may be, Luke Hochevar’s performance Friday night may be as impressive as any of Greinke’s this season. Then again, I think the Reds were giving him a […]

Seeing Seagulls By The Lakeshore

I thought we were done with stuff like this. The best thing about the Royals this decade is at least the failures have been epic and when you read a list of the most epic, it’s bound to make you laugh. A little. For some reason I couldn’t sleep after this loss. You’d think I […]

New Adventures In The Perils Of Fatherhood

This is one that I may regret posting later on. Remember, it is all in good fun. Stay-at-home parents face many perils. Some are common across gender lines while others are specific to stay-at-home dad or moms. As a stay-at-home dad, I worry that people think I’m just taking a day off when they see […]