I Have No Class

My 20 year high school reunion is this weekend. Those are some of the scariest words in any language. When I turned 30, I was excited. I felt like I was finally old enough where people would take me seriously. Turning 30 gave me a new sense of confidence, as if I had finally arrived […]

How Times Change

I started reading Bill Simmons again recently (and listening to his podcast). For various reasons, I’ve rarely read him over the past 2-3 years. It’s fun to find an old friend again. I just finished his summer NBA two-parter, set to quotes from his pick for top movie of the decade, Almost Famous. It reminded […]

Birthday Girl

M. turned five on Saturday. In some ways time has flown, and in others that night five years ago when S. called down to me and said that her water had broken* seems like ages ago. I’m pretty sure being a parent for five years ages you something closer to ten. Especially when your first-born […]

Le Tour

You might wonder why I’ve not written a word about the Tour de France this month. After all, the Tour was a staple of my July posts during my first three years as a blogger. With Lance back on his bike again, why haven’t I been writing about it? To be honest, I still don’t […]

Gym Wrap Up

If I’m not mistaken, I never shared how our final sessions with our trainer went. I believe the last time I offered an update was in May. So we have some ground to cover. Our final three or four sessions were focused on strength and then power. The strength weeks were pretty straight forward: heavy […]

R’s – Why Bother?

I’ve been searching for reasons to continue to pay attention to the Royals between now and the beginning of football season. It would be easier to spend my evenings listening to the Cardinals or Red Sox or Dodgers or some other contending team so the nights were full of entertainment rather than misery. I must […]

Little Sister

Part Two of the B. girls update. L.’s full of tricks, too. She’s crawling like a mad-girl, all over the place and getting fast enough to be dangerous. A week or two ago you could put her down on the floor, run to the other side of the room and get something done. Now, she’s […]

Big Sisters

A long-overdue update on my crazy daughters, part one covering M. and C. The last month has been dominated by swimming lessons and a new gymnastics class for the two big sisters. Each class reinforced much of what we already know about M. and C.’s personalities: M. is cautious to a fault while C. has […]

R’s – Midseason Ugh

There’s not much to talk about that hasn’t already been covered on the real Royals blogs. The team sucks – this weekend they managed to not score when Bannister went 7+ giving up only one run and lost, scored nine runs the next night and still lost by six, then were shut-out again on Sunday […]