I’m not what you would call a gamer. Sure, I owned an Atari 2600 and spent countless hours playing Pole Position, Q*Bert, Pitfall, etc. I wasted most of my freshman year of college playing Nintendo until all hours. Madden and NHL 93-95 were staples on the Sega my roommates and I shared in the mid-90s. […]

Review: Pearl Jam – Ten, The Legacy Edition

In advance of Pearl Jam’s new album, due next month, I offer a review of their recent remastered and remixed release of their debut album, Sometimes I wish that we could access all the information in our brains as computers would, so we could track the metadata of our lives. Am I the only one […]

Kid Stuff

Some kid updates. Have I mentioned lately that L. is the most delightful child in the history of children? She’s reached the stage where just about everything makes her happy and/or laugh. The other night I said that if she could disjoint her jaw, like a snake, so she could laugh harder, she would. If […]

Blog Status, August 2009

Seems like a good time for one of my occasional State Of The Blog posts. Don’t worry, you aren’t going to have to learn a new address or anything like that. Overall, I think the move to WordPress and server space I own has been a good one. There haven’t been any downtimes, at least […]

Benefits Of Not Fouling Up Three

Imagine if Memphis had managed to foul Sherron Collins before he shoveled the ball to Mario. Talk about a mess. It makes me even more glad that the NCAA was responsible for approving Darrell Arthur’s eligibility, thus their lack of interest in taking a second look at his high school transcript. If Mario misses, is […]

R’s – Looking Ahead

No Royals posts for a few weeks. I can’t imagine why that would be the case. July was the month when my interest finally waned. I listened to bits and pieces of a few games, but rarely tuned in for more than an inning or two. I never fired up MLB.TV.* I even quit paying […]

Slightly Ahead Of Schedule

The girls again took part in our local library’s summer reading program. From June until the first week of August, we tracked the books that we read each day and got a series of prizes for their work. One prize was getting to pick out a book to take home and keep. We picked a […]

Tiger – A Quick Observation

I’ll not post anything long about the PGA so the M’s birthday party post gets most of your attention, but I did have this observation yesterday. Forgive me for putting this in the crudest terms, but I think it’s safe to say every sportswriter in the country had a gigantic hardon all afternoon. They were either […]

Celebrating Five Year Old Style

After a two-week wait, we finally had our friend party for M.’s birthday on Saturday. I think it’s accurate to describe her as being a little wound up Saturday morning. We went to a place called Monkey Joe’s, which is another in the apparent endless stream of bounce places that are opening all over. We […]