Weekend Wrap

Weird weekend. No work, but a 3.75 hour KU game kind of messed up Saturday, and then preparations for hosting some friends Sunday afternoon/evening kind of wiped out all the day games. So this will be very heavy on KU, a healthy dose of Colts, and a few random thoughts on the other games.<!–more–><strong>Saturday</strong> KU […]

Must See TV

It was kind of a tough week. The weather sucked for most of the time. All three sisters were fighting colds and/or fevers much of the time. Especially in the hours after school, they were extra cranky. Also, we’re in the midst of some renovations in the house, requiring me to be home all day. […]


Drama in Lawrence! Idiots. That was my first thought, and remains for the most part, my assessment of <a href=”http://www2.kusports.com/news/2009/sep/23/witnesses-report-second-altercation-between-basket/”>the nonsense</a> that went on in Lawrence earlier this week between members of the football and basketball teams. The quick version, if you don’t want to follow the links, is that apparently a young lady changed […]

The Walker

Have I mentioned that L. is walking? Sucks to be kid #3. We’ve seen it all before. Actually, the reason I haven’t shared the news is that she’s pretty sporadic about it, and really only took more than 3-4 steps at a time this weekend. But her first steps did come about three weeks ago, […]

The Football

An abbreviated weekend football summary. We had guests in town over the weekend, plus the late finish to the Colts’ game Monday threw things off. Saturday was another big day. When I checked the local paper in the morning, there were no fewer than 13 interesting games set to air that day. When I say […]

Girls, Girls, Girls

A quick catch-up post. Wednesday night may have been my worst night as a parent. The cold M. and C. brought home from school has hit L. hard, and by late Wednesday, she was tired, cranky, sick of having her face wiped, and every cough made her start crying. So I took her to bed […]

Monday Navel Gazing

Why didn’t someone tell me this wasn’t working? I went to get my weekly stats from Last.fm this morning and thought it was weird that I had listened to Pearl Jam 11 times for the third straight week. Looks like, for whatever reason, it’s not updating. So I’ll manually navel gaze, which sounds kind of […]

I Was Ready For Football

A big weekend for football. Things got started Saturday afternoon, when I headed to Lucas Oil Stadium in downtown Indianapolis to cover my first high school game of the year. On paper, it appeared to be a blowout and, well, the paper did not lie. As usual, the team I was covering was the underdog […]

Fearless Forecasting

It’s a traditional nearly as old as the blog itself:* my annual NFL predictions post. Always entertaining, at least for me, since I hate the NFL preseason and don’t follow it, have only the barest of memory of off-season roster moves, and make most of my picks based on mental coin flips. So let’s see […]