Is There A Patron Saint For Blogging?

The end of October. That means one thing for school-age children: dressing up as their favorite saint for All Saints Day celebration. Well, thats what M. and C. did this week, since they attend a Catholic school. C.’s program was Thursday. She went as Saint Catherine, who helped sick people. We dressed her in a […]

Required Reading – Vaccines

Below is a link to an article I think all parents should read. It addresses a very important subject I think many of us have some fears about. <a href=”″>An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All</a> To be clear, there is no credible evidence to indicate that any of this […]

KC Trippin’

The travel gods were with us, for the most part, and we had a successful trip to-and-from Kansas City over the girls’ fall break. First, our biggest thanks to our many friends who cleared their schedules, opened their homes, and loaded up on Boulevard Wheat to spend time with us. While the large number of […]

Time Keeps On Slippin’, Slippin’, Slippin’

Crazy few weeks here en La Casa del Blogger. I believe I’ve mentioned that we’ve been doing some renovations over the past two months. Well, I took my first shower in our completely remodeled bathroom Tuesday morning. We’re still waiting on some lighting and a mirror, but we’re almost done. But we’ve had contractors in […]

Weekend Sports Update

Another weekend where I was super busy and I watched hardly any football. Perhaps I should just call these weekend wrap ups rather than football reviews. So we’ll knock the football out first and move on to what else I did this weekend after. A very disappointing weekend for the Jayhawks. I was working Saturday […]

Journalism Is Not Dead

Maybe I should move the family to remote northwest Australia. It seems like there’s exciting stuff to write about there. This is not necessarily safe for work, although it is from an allegedly legitimate news source.* <a href=””>No oral sex, says ute crash waitress</a> ”It may have looked bad when police first arrived as my […]

I Suck

A book a week? Big freaking deal. Try a book a day. <a href=”″>Our Towns – For Nina Sankovitch, a Book a Day, Every Day</a> – In a time-deprived world, where book reading is increasingly squeezed off the page, it is hard to know what’s most striking about Ms. Sankovitch’s quest, now on Day 350, […]

Futbol Americano

Please join me in celebrating Hispanic heritage month. This week, it’s all about el futbol. A long weekend for el futbol. There was a game of some interest to me Thursday. However, given the math, which seemed to require that I pull for Missouri to beat Nebraska, I stuck with Must See TV and didn’t […]

Way Back Machine

When I hear about people staying up all night to play video games these days, it kind of makes sense, since modern games offer so much depth and possibilities for play. Looking back, why the hell would we play Atari all day? Those games sucked. Need proof? Check out Atari’s 1978 catalog. Things only got […]

R’s – Playoffs

What a waste. One of the great pitching seasons of the past 20 years blown on a team that lost 97 games and had to rally in September to earn a tie for last place. Worse, they were so bad that they’ve put what should be a shoe-in Cy Young award for Zack Greinke in […]