Dog Days

It’s looking like another slow week here at TBB. We’re gearing up for a big family get-together this weekend that will be based at our house. People begin arriving tonight and we have many errands to run and projects around the house to complete. To keep you occupied, I recommend perusing this list of ways […]

Double Standard

We took the girls to their first baseball game last night, an Indianapolis Indians contest. We sat in the outfield grass with friends. The girls seemed more interested in throwing peanuts to the mice that were apparently running through the flower beds near us. Awesome. We stuck it out to the seventh inning, which I […]


M. turned six Sunday. That feels like a milestone birthday; a clear delineation between little kid and big kid. Did I say that last year, too? Even though she’s been through kindergarten, she still felt young, something that was reinforced by knowing she would be attending kindergarten again this year. As if last year wasn’t […]

The Three People Who Tear You Apart

Recently the Associate Press Sports Editors organization bestowed upon Mitch Albom the Red Smith Award. The honor, named after the legendary New York sports writer, celebrates a career of achievement and faith to the principles that journalists are supposed to adhere to. I’m no fan of Albom; I find him just slightly more tolerable than […]

Double Trouble

We’ve been dealing with some, umm, discipline issues with the two big sisters recently. Mostly the usual stuff that comes with being home in the summer, standard age-specific issues, etc. But they’ve also learned how to really push each other’s buttons, which can make things worse. One recent day we had a series of issues […]


I remember when watching baseball on Fox wasn’t such a chore. When I still liked Joe Buck and Tim McCarver was at least tolerable. Really can’t stand either one these days, which makes watching the All Star Game tough. Since this game will probably last until midnight or so,1 I’ll just toss out some assorted […]

Set Your DVRs

If you’re looking for something funny to watch this summer, I give FX’s Louie my highest recommendation. It revolves around a single comedian living in New York. The show features both scripted pieces and scenes of the main character’s standup act. Sound familiar? The Seinfeld comparisons are inevitable, but Louis C.K. is far from a […]

Viva EspaƱa

I told you Spain was going to win! Never doubt my sports prognostications! Of course, Spain was one of the favorites going in, so it’s not like I picked some 50-1 darkhorse. They did make it interesting by dropping their opener, in shocking fashion to the Swiss, and then needing a win in their third […]

The Decision

Thank goodness, LeBron has made his decision and the world can get back to important things, like whether the economy will ever recover, what the hell to do in the Gulf of Mexico, and how soon Lady Gaga’s 15 minutes will run out. I don’t begrudge LeBron milking the process. He’s perhaps the most interesting […]