Reader’s Notebook, August 2010, Part 1

August was a busy month, reading-wise. I threw a wrinkle in my reading, as well, so the month gets two Reader’s Notebook posts. In Part 1, I discuss why I read what I read. Part 2 will cover the books themselves. I’ve begun running into the big downside of the Kindle: the expense. I had […]

Something To Get Excited About

There’s something pretty cool going on just a couple hours from my house. The Cincinnati Reds have survived the summer and are poised to enter baseball’s final month with a comfortable lead in the National League Central. Some writers picked the Reds as a team with the potential to surprise last spring. But after they […]

On Having Less

During my summer blog redesign project, I added a number of design websites – both general design and web-specific – to my daily reading list. Through them, I’ve learned more about what I’ll call the Cult of Minimalism.1 Minimalist web design puts an emphasis on strong, simple design elements that easily convey a site’s message […]

Bringing The Old To The New

Scene: A father and his three daughters are cruising in the family Swagger Wagon. Father is flipping through radio stations and passes the local retro station, which is playing DeBarge’s “Rhythm of the Night.” M: “Oooh, dad, turn it back.” Dad: “OK. You like this song?” M: “Yes! Is it the same man who sings […]

Week One

We survived week one of school. M. did fantastic, for the most part. We had a few challenges with afternoon pickup once she began full days, but those were all parental errors and we had smoothed them out by Friday. S. was off last week, so hopefully things continue as smoothly this week when I’m […]


It’s been interesting to see all the first day of school pics on Facebook over the past couple weeks. What’s struck me most is the distribution of kids M.’s age. Many are starting kindergarten this fall. Others are, like her, going through kindergarten for the second time. A smaller group is going on to the […]

Going Through The Bones

I’ve been doing some closet and attic cleaning this week. Digging through old boxes of stuff, looking for things that can/need to be thrown away, or items that can be sent to my sister-in-law for her up-coming garage sale. I dug through a huge pile of Far Side books that I’ll be flipping through in […]

More George Lucas Slamming

Early George Lucas collaborator Gary Kurtz finally talks about why he parted ways with Lucas after The Empire Strikes Back. <a href=””>Did ‘Star Wars’ become a toy story?</a> “I could see where things were headed,” Kurtz said. “The toy business began to drive the [Lucasfilm] empire. It’s a shame. They make three times as much […]

First Day

And she’s off! M. started kindergarten today at the school we plan for her to attend for the next nine years.1 She was up early and excited to get her uniform on and get out the door. We walked her to her class, put her things in her cubby, and helped her find her seat. […]

I Trust This Won’t Affect My Grade

<p>I have a longer Required Reading post in the works, but this link deserves its own entry.</p> <p><a href=””>Professors: Hot at Their Own Risk</a> examines the challenges that attractive academics face.</p><br /> <p>The idea of appealing educators being harassed by their students seems a little gross as I approach 40. When I was in college, […]