Friday Nights

I’ve been busy working so far this fall, if you call getting out once a week busy. So if you’re interested in what I’ve been doing, plunge in for some navel-gazing. I’ve covered four football games, a county championship tennis match, and am set to cover both tennis and football again this week. Three of […]

Shocking Poll Results

The Onion nails it. 1 in 5 Americans Believe Obama is a Cactus ”I don’t care what he says or what his people say or what anybody else says,” 48-year-old Kansas resident Jake Nolan told reporters. “The guy’s a cactus, plain and simple. I mean, Christ, look at him.”

Favorite DLR Songs

As I believe I mentioned before, I recently went through a bit of a David Lee Roth-era Van Halen phase. For a couple weeks their songs were in high rotation on my various digital music devices. That got me thinking. How would I rank the DLR songs? More to the point, what are my five […]

What To Watch

I remember the good old days, when September meant a new round of TV shows to be excited about. There would be a bevy of new comedies, some action shows (Air Wolf, The A Team), and maybe a drama that interested me. By November I likely would have only stuck with a couple of them, […]

Girls, September 2010

A quick update on the girls. M. is now a month into her real Catholic school experience. All continues to go well, although she is crankier in the morning than she was the first couple weeks. She has a BFF, and they’ve hosted each other for post-school playdates. Obviously a lot can change, but I […]

NFL Wrap

If I’ve learned one thing following the Colts over the past seven seasons, it’s that you don’t overreact to how they look in the preseason. They’re a well-oiled machine and will always bring it when the games matter. So pay no attention if the defense is porous, the offensive line weak, the running game non-existent. […]

Top Five Weekend

I expected my weekend in Kansas City to be good. A surprising performance by the KU football team made it even better. First off, thanks to the R’s and B’s for hosting me last week. And thanks to Mary Y for insisting I attend her 30th birthday blowout. That alone would have made for a […]

NFL Preview – We’ve Seen This Before

Another professional football season has arrived. I must log my guesses, um, picks for all to see. It is a required part of owning a blog. AFC East: Each year there is a team that gets too much hype, generally based on a small window of their previous season, rather than their entire body of […]

Reader’s Notebook, August 2010, Part 2

And now the books of August. Star Wars: The Lost Tribe of the Sith – John Jackson Miller. These sucked. They were actually four small mini-books strung together to tell another story in the endless Star Wars novel world. They were free, so I figured what the hell. Sometimes you get what you pay for. […]