Three Things

Mercy, there has been some funny stuff over the past week. M.: She’s picked up two new expressions, which she uses ceaselessly. One, ironically, is “It’s an expression,” often preceeded by a defensive, “What?” Example: “You better clean that up or Mom’s gonna kill you. What? It’s an expression!” The other saying is “Think about […]


The Colts passed the off-season with flying colors. At least thus far. They cleaned house in the coaching staff and front office quickly and completely. They handled the release of Peyton Manning with respect and honor. While there was some drama to the finals weeks of Manning’s Colts career, it never became a nasty divorce. […]

New Friends

As I shared last week, we have new neighbors. They began to arrive Friday night, and then spent much of the weekend replacing carpet, painting, and moving their stuff in. We finally met them on Sunday. Nice folks. Like we guessed, they have one daughter who is about M’s age and another who is about C’s age. […]

R.I.P. Facts

Perhaps the column I’m linking to here is elitist and out-of-touch. But given the state of political discourse in this country, I think intelligent people of all political perspectives will find both truth and humor in this brilliant little piece of commentary/satire. Through the 19th and 20th centuries, Facts reached adulthood as the world underwent […]

R’s – Panic In The Streets Of Raytown

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that my generic prediction for the 2012 Royals was that this season would be disappointing. This, though, is not what I had in mind. Ten straight losses, nine at home. Starters who can’t get out of jams. Relievers who throw gas on the fire. Hitters that can’t […]

Taking A Flying Leap

After a couple of days of preparation, today I begin my latest technology experiment: can I survive with just an iPad? I’m often struck by the silliness of me switching back-and-forth betwen the iPad and the MacBook Air throughout the day. I always held on to the Air, though, because it seemed necessary for longer […]

Moving On

Wednesday was a sad day at our house. Our next-door-neighbors, who have lived here for nearly six years, finished three days of packing and left for a new home in Texas. They were pretty much the perfect neighbors: our age with kids, friendly and easy to talk to but not ever in our business. Their […]

The Map Is Changing

It’s easy to overstate matters, and say that this moment or that moment is a time of significant change. But, while we are not sure where we are headed, people of many different political and national perspectives view what is happening now around the globe as the end of the era of the United States […]

Three Things

This week’s list of things my daughters did that made me smile. M.: Her class has been busy sending Flat Stanleys all over the place this year. Among other places, they exchanged them with children at a school in Derby, UK. Her friend there returned a package last week that was loaded with cool stuff. […]

R’s – Blowin’ It

One lousy game can change everything. The Royals were looking good Wednesday afternoon. They got another strong performance from a starting pitcher. Alex Gordon finally got off the schnide, getting two hits including a home run. Billy Butler had gone deep for the second time this year. The bullpen was nails for six innings. And […]