They Get Them Young

What follows is, I hope, my only political post of the season. I belong to no organized party. I am a Democrat. Will Rogers I’ve always thought Republicans were better at coming together as a single party than Democrats. Sure, Republicans have plenty of problems within their party, but come Election Day, the anti-tax millionaires […]

Weekend Round Up

Taking a few minutes off from tracking Sandy to catch up on the weekend. With a deep sigh after a couple very busy weeks, things can start getting back to normal around here. Last week was parent-teacher conferences/Fall Break at St. P’s. S. attended the sessions with M.’s and C.’s teachers and learned both are […]

Weekend That Was

I am a horrible parent. Last night, as the Indiana Fever closed out the WNBA championship series, I let my girls sleep. Years from now, when classmates ask them where they were on that glorious night, they’ll dip their heads and mumble, “My dad didn’t wake me up to watch the game or celebrate.” A […]

Monday Notebook

Shall we kick off the week by catching up on odds and ends that have accumulated? I think we shall. M. took another step towards big-girlhood a week ago when she got her ears pierced. Our rule has always been there will be no piercings until the girls can take care of them themselves. M. […]


I finished my latest book over a week ago but hadn’t found the time to write about it yet. I sat down to do it this morning, not yet looking at the calendar. When I was at the bank later at saw the date, I realized there was some part of me that had intentionally […]

Starting Over

Some game at Lucas Oil Stadium on Sunday. First there was the result, a fantastic Colts comeback – they trailed 21-3 at halftime and looked awful in the first half – that ended on a missed Green Bay field goal that secured the 30-27 win. There was Reggie Wayne’s epic performance, catching every ball that […]

Farewell To The Season

I’ve always loved the final day of the baseball season.1 Anyone can go to Opening Day, but it takes a real fan to go to Closing Day when your team is 25 games out and has been since Father’s Day. When the end of the season rolls around, I often think of a year in […]


Birthday time in our home again. Today L. leaves the easy ways of three-year-oldom behind for the hard-knocks world that is being four. She’s pretty excited. So who is little L. today? She’s a piece of work, I tell you. She has always had a spark about her that delights pretty much everyone she runs […]

Quien Es Más Macho

Sometimes the most important questions do not get asked. Or at least they’re asked by the wrong people, never get answered, and fade away. Yesterday, as I knocked out dishes and laundry, I listened to the American Top 40 rerun of the week. It was from September 1985. Good times for me, back then. In […]