The Weekend That Was

We had a lovely, leisurely Monday, so I still need to catch you up from our busy weekend. The highlight was M.’s First Communion. Like I’m guessing about 95% of her classmates, I don’t think the religious ramifications of the event registered with her completely. She was far more concerned with her dress, veil, tiara, […]


Ready Player One – Ernest Cline. I have a weird fascination with what I’ll call, in very broad terms, fantasy games. In that I include fantasy sports, traditional desktop role playing games, and online RPGs. I say fascination because I love the idea of creating an alternate world where we are in control of characters […]

R’s – Three Weeks In

I guess it’s time to write about baseball. The Royals are in first place and begin a series with division favorites Detroit tonight.1 In years past this would be a moment for celebration and excitement. “Can they keep it going?” “Is this real?” Fun questions that present themselves as the first month of the season […]

One More Time

<p>It is not often I post to Facebook, but last Friday I did. And my post elicited some questions. So, for those of you who are Facebook friends, saw the post, and wondered what was up, here&apos;s the explanation.</p> <p>First, my post:</p> <blockquote> Nothing says &apos;Thanks for having us over&apos; like your kid puking on […]

A New Beginning

I can finally share the news I’ve been alluding to for over a month. I mentioned last week that something was changing in our house. And when we went to Florida for spring break I said we had a series of circumstances that made it seem like it was the perfect year to go. Well, […]


Zazen – Vanessa V. File this under books I’ve wanted to read for several years, and when I finally did, was disappointed. Zazen takes place in the near future, with the world on the verge of a mysterious war. People are fleeing the United States as war approaches and energy and individual liberties are severely […]

The Return

So, it’s been a while. Stuff has happened. Good and bad. Interesting and banal. Personal and global. So let’s get caught up. First, Boston. Ugh. I’ll just restate a terrific thing I read on Twitter Monday afternoon: never forget that there are far more people in this world like those who ran to the explosion […]

Puke Patrol, ’13

I’m sure you’re all wondering, so here’s your daily B. Girl health update. M. got sick in bed again last night. Fortunately, since she ate almost nothing yesterday, it was a quick clean-up. She stayed home again and has been alternately snoozing and moaning on the couch. C. went back to school yesterday, and acted […]

Back To Back

No, I’m not talking about the state of Kentucky claiming its second-straight national title last night. I didn’t watch the game. Basketball is a stupid sport.1 Rather, I’m talking about M. making it two-straight nights that a B.¬†girl puked. She kept it in her bed, thankfully, so I won’t spend the day cleaning the carpet. […]

Weekend Notebook

It was an eventful weekend for the B. family. Fridays and Sundays will be taken up by soccer for the next two months. Both girls have their practices on Friday evenings, and the league they’re in this year1 plays games on Sundays only, and this was the first week of games. C. is in the […]