You must forgive me. I’ve been on a bit of a reading roll lately, ripping through these five books in three weeks, along with a couple other more technical works I’ve been reading bits and pieces of between. Honestly, I kind of forgot all the details of the first. So shorter comments this time. I’ll […]

Summer Lovin’

<p>It&#8217;s been a few days since we&#8217;ve been to the pool. The weather began to change the middle of last week, we were at the LVS <a href=”#fn-1″ id=”fnref-1″ title=”see footnote” class=”footnote”>[1]</a> over the weekend, and so far this week it&#8217;s been too cool to get in the water.</p> <p>With just two weeks until M. […]

R’s – Poor Timing

The Royals are doing it all wrong again. After a quarter-century of losing, they decide to rip off a hot streak just as this year’s trade deadline approaches. In the process, they’ve likely tricked General Manager Dayton Moore into thinking they still have a chance to sneak into the second Wild Card spot and thus […]


Nine years and one hour ago (as I type this) M. came into the world, screaming and demanding attention. She hasn’t shut up since. I kid! Kind of. Our girl loves to talk, as she is quick to admit. Now she is in the midst of 30 or so hours that are all about her, […]

A Case Of The Mondays

I’ll admit, sometimes I feel like my life is one big first world problem. I’m super fortunate that while there are some annoyances that test my patience each day, some wrinkles I’d love to have smoothed out, I face no true, big problems. I try to remain mindful and thankful of that at all times, […]

A Few Digital Music Thoughts

The horse is long out of the barn. That’s my reaction to Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke’s announcement earlier this week that he was pulling his solo and Atoms For Peace music from the streaming service Spotify to protest the minuscule royalty payments it, and other similar services, issues to artists. I absolutely agree with […]

2013 All Star Game

This year’s All-Star Game retrospective won’t be quite as exhaustive as some in the past have been. By the time S.¬†was home from a meeting and the girls were in bed, it was the top of the third. Fortunately, it was still 0-0 so with the exception of Robinson Cano getting plunked, I saw just […]

Weekend Notes

Catching up on the weekend and some girls notes as we wrap up a sleep-over. We swapped daughters with our neighbors last night. C. went next door to sleep with her 7-year-old buddy while M.’s 9-year-old pal came to our home for the night. Our evening was uneventful. We ate dinner, then the girls watched […]


Watchmen – Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. I was never a comic book guy. I did have some Star Wars comics1 and dabbled in GI Joe comics in the early 80s, but that was about it. I think because I was never into comics, I was also never into super heroes. So while it has […]

Sports Notes

The promised thoughts on a few of the biggest sports news of the holiday week. Brad Stevens to the Boston Celtics. I was walking into a local brewery to fill growlers for the weekend last Wednesday when I got a text asking what I thought about the move. My first response was “Holy shit!” There […]