What I’m Watching

I thought it had been longer, but it was March 5, 2013 when I last shared the list of shows I’ve been watching. With the fantastic return of “The Americans” last night, it seems like the perfect time to offer up my current list. Last season’s rank in parenthesis. “The Americans” (4) A year ago […]

Some TV Notes

The Americans returns tonight! The Americans returns tonight! With another potentially big winter storm in the forecast, this is just the news I needed to get out of bed in the morning. The AV Club says season two starts off quite well. Here’s a good look at where the series is as the new year […]


After KU clinched at least a share of their 10th-straight Big 12 title last night, a discussion list I’m on started throwing out things that weren’t around the last time KU did not win the conference regular season championship. The iPhone and iPad. Mad Men and Breaking Bad. Twitter. I realized that a lot of […]

Of Bears And Lego

This weekend was L.’s turn with her class bear, Baxter. If you’re not familiar with the concept, many classes send a bear or other stuffed animal home with kids for a weekend. They usually come with a book in which the adventures of the bear are recorded. When it’s your family’s turn, you take some […]

One More Reporting Note

I forgot to add this to yesterday’s Reporter’s Notebook, and it’s a must share. At the game I covered Tuesday night, there were two older women sitting right behind me. I’m guessing they were both in the ballpark of 70 years old. Early in the game, they were aggressive in their comments towards the home […]

Forgotten Miracle

As all of the US and Canada prepare for today’s women’s gold medal game and tomorrow’s men’s semifinal games in Sochi, here is a fun read on the 1960 gold medal winning US team. On the first day of practice in Squaw Valley, for a workout open to coaches of all of his upcoming rivals, […]

Reporter’s Notebook

We are in the heart of the winter sports season. Girls basketball sectionals were last weekend, and none of the teams I cover survived to regionals. I believe that’s the first time that has been the case since I started working for my paper. Boys basketball has two more weeks before sectionals begin. I covered […]

Breaking The Beatles

I’ve tried not to get sucked in too much to the Beatles Arrive In America nostalgia wave. Mostly because I feel like I’ve read plenty about them already and it’s enough for me just to spin some of their tunes. This piece, though, is fantastic. In it, Billboard takes an in-depth look at the process […]

Requiem For A Van

A week ago Saturday was a big day in our house. After eight years and fourteen days, we cleaned out the minivan, drove it to a local car dealer and left it as we drove away in a new Jeep Grand Cherokee. That’s right: our days as minivan owners are over! I must admit, that […]

A Very Special Reporter’s Notebook

There are plenty of notes stocked up from the last month of high school basketball and swimming. But coming home Tuesday night, I had a bizarre encounter that warrants sharing on its own. I had just left an especially scintillating girls basketball sectional game1 and pulled onto the main drag of a small town about […]